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| 4 June 2015 | Reply


Rose Carleo - Time Is Now cover

Powerhouse songstress Rose Carleo has announced the next leg of her Time Is Now tour dates that will take the talented musician on the road until the end of 2015. After already touring through Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales earlier in the year, and with two special hometown dates secured for Western Australia in June, the next leg of the tour, throughout July, August and November, will see Rose take her rockin’ show to the Northern Territory and Tasmania, as well as a host of extra New South Wales dates.

The Time Is Now tour so far has been packing out houses. “The tour has been awesome,” says Rose. “Getting out to play the album live with the band and reconnect with fans and friends around the country is what I live to do. I love it! There have been so many highlights, but mostly playing to attentive, appreciative audiences is the most rewarding. It makes me fall in love with being a recording artist and touring musician all over again.”

Rose’s latest release, Time Is Now powered into the ARIA charts in the #4 position on the ARIA Country Top 40 Album Chart and #3 on the Australian Artist Country Artist Chart in its first week. The rockin’ release also charted at #15 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Artist Albums Chart and #38 on the ARIA Top 50 Albums Chart. It is the record that this incredible songstress was always destined to make, jam-packed with killer riffs, ballsy vocals and incredible hooks, and is definitely one of those releases that will translate into an incredible live show. Rose will not only be showcasing the new songs from Time Is Now, including the recently released single of the same title, at her shows, but also drawing on her two acclaimed previous releases, as well as a few favourite cover tracks. To get the total album experience, she is also taking her band out on the road with her, including band mate and fiancée Mick Adkins [Rogue Sharks], which promises to be an unforgettable evening.

“From the start of writing for the album, the planning in pre-production and actually recording the album, I’ve been living with the songs for a while,” says Rose. “So to get out on the road with the band and crank it up and take your music to great audiences is an awesome feeling. Sharing a new album also means it is all new to listeners, which adds an extra element of excitement.”

For Rose, performing live has always been a particularly important part of her career. “I think it is an integral part of being a musician, when releasing new music, we need to get it out there to as many people as possible,” she says. “Once you have loyal fans and supporters, they want to be with you every step of the way, and so they should be. It’s a great feeling sharing each chapter.”

The next leg of the tour will take Rose to the Northern Territory for her first ever top end shows. “I’m really looking forward to exploring another part of Australia,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to go there. Mick was born in Darwin, but when Cyclone Tracy came to town, they were evacuated and settled in Tasmania where his dad is originally from. So he hasn’t been back since, it will be a really great visit.”

Returning to Tasmania will also have a special family connection. “I first went to Tasmania at the start of 2013 on New Year’s Day actually,” says Rose. “Mick grew up there and it is where most of his family reside. We travelled a fair bit back and forth over the last two and a half years for family visits and also gigs. As a result, I’ve been fortunate to build quite a fan base there and also recruit from of the Rogue Sharks’ fans too.”

Touring New South Wales is always a favourite for Rose and those shows hold a special place in her heart. “I’ve been living in NSW for almost four years and it is home,” she says. “I used to tour and song write a lot here when I was living in Brisbane, so it wasn’t really new to me when I moved, more like an old friend. I want to spread the love (and new music) as much as possible all over Australia, including here. Also because many of the songs were ‘road tested’ at some of my regular acoustic gigs and songwriters’ gigs here in Sydney.”

This current announcement of dates are by no means the end of the road for Rose’s Time Is Now tour. In fact, there are solid plans in place to extend it throughout 2016 and visit more areas around the country. “I’d like to keep the tour rolling and be on the road at least once or twice a month and get to as many places as we can,” Rose says. “I’m working hard talking to venues and planning more dates around Australia. Watch this space.”

Rose Carleo’s new album Time is Now is out now through WJO.

Friday 19th June 2015 – Leisure Inn [Bar Indigo], ROCKINGHAM WA
Saturday 20th June 2015 – Charles Hotel, NORTH PERTH WA
Tuesday 7th July 2015 – The Denman Hotel, THREDBO NSW
Wednesday 8th July 2015 – The Denman Hotel, THREDBO NSW
Thursday 9th July 2015 – The Denman Hotel, THREDBO NSW
Tuesday 11th August 2015 – The Denman Hotel, THREDBO NSW
Wednesday 12th August 2015 – The Denman Hotel, THREDBO NSW
Thursday 13th August 2015 – The Denman Hotel, THREDBO NSW
Friday 21st August 2015 – The Chippo, DARWIN NT
Saturday 22nd August 2015 – Shenannigans Pub, DARWIN NT
Saturday 29th August 2015 – Wallacia Hotel, WALLACIA NSW
Friday 6th November 2015 – Waterfront Hotel (Cbar), BELLERIVE TAS
Saturday 7th November 2015 – The Butter Factory, BURNIE TAS
Sunday 8th November 2015 – Longley International Hotel, LONGLEY TAS

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