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| 25 April 2019 | Reply

Label: AWAL Recordings America

Release Date: February 15, 2019

Rating: 88%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I was turned on to Betty Who when she was releasing her last disc The Valley and was hooked immediately, thanks to her great vocals and the pop sensibility blended with dance floor rhythms.  She continues this trend with her third collection of tracks, and first independent release.  Disc opener “Old Me” kicks off with a great vocal and lyric that dances across a keyboard intro.  Soon the bass-heavy rhythm section kicks in and we are off and running.  This song sets the bar for the disc and keeps the foot tapping from open to close.  “Do With It” has a bump and grind groove that is dance-floor heavy and will serve a lot of club attendees well in a darker room with the music blasting through the sound system.  The lyrics lend themselves perfectly to the mood of the musical track.  “I Remember” unfolds with an odd tempo and groove, but once the chorus hits, so does the contagious lyrics that draws you in and has you singing along by the second run through.  This is one of my personal favorites on the disc and seems build for both a live audience and a club packed with hot & sweaty dancers.  “Language” is a track that features slightly different sound and vibe during the intro, but soon shifts gears and falls in line with the other tracks on the disc.  “All This Woman” slows the pace of the disc down and finds Who crooning her heart out to her partner offering herself… all of herself and letting him know he is simply the fool if he doesn’t make a move.  “Ignore Me” is another contagious track that draws you in from the start with a great groove and once the chorus hits and the vocals shift, the song sinks its sexy claws in and keeps you engaged.  “The One” kicked off and for a few seconds I thought I walked into a Britney Spears track. The beat and rhythm are very club-centric and the vocals are slightly deeper and harder than others, but they match the lyrics.  This is the most pop-tinged track on the disc, but it suits the collection and Betty in general.

“Just Thought You Should Know” has a cool vibe from the percussion intro that starts this one up and the musical interlude that tangos with Betty through the verse presents the perfect landscape for her vocals to run across.  While a little restrained compared to a lot of the other tracks, the song really hits its stride when is begins running on all cylinders when the second verse kicks in and the second verse adds depth and punch to the track and disc.  “Marry Me” has a beat and sound that is very “Betty” if you are familiar with her catalog, and that is a good thing – why change what works.  The tempo and cadence is great and the vocals are a perfect match for the track and she delivers the lyrics with precision.  “Taste” is an amazing track that gets the body moving and the hormones wanting more.  The sexy groove and lyrics pair nicely and with each listen, I find the desire to hit a dark dance floor with my wife and get sweaty together.  “Between You & Me” is a song that serves as perfect filler between tracks with a good slow groove that seems to simmer in the mix.  The lyrics are sexy as hell and keep the libido listening while the tempo slows and allows the body to recover before getting wound up by other tracks.  “Whisper” opens up with an amazing beat that gets the foot tapping immediately and provides the perfect musical landscape for Betty’s vocals.  The lyrics are stirring and get your brain and central nervous whispering to your body to let go and enjoy the groove.  Disc closer “Stop Thinking About You” is a mellower track that helps wind down the collection.  The bridge is a little ethereal and very different compared to all the other songs here, but it shows diversity and adds depth to the disc.  If you like dance music with mild pop sensibility and overall great vocals, be sure to pick up this disc… you won’t be sorry.

Tracklisting: Old Me – Do With It – Just Thought You Should Know – I Remember – Marry Me – Language – Taste – All This Woman – Between You & Me – Ignore Me – Whisper – The One – Stop Thinking About You






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