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| 16 February 2019 | Reply

Label: Snakepit Records / Roadrunner Records

Release Date: September 21, 2018

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Slash, Myles, and the guys have done it again.  The group dropped a disc with a dozen killer tunes that get you rocking, headbanging, and playing a shitload of air guitar.  Disc opener “The Call Of The Wild” gets things rolling from the first notes until last, with a song that has blazing riffs, amazing vocals, a driving bottom end, and some pounding drums that get your foot tapping immediately.  “Serve You Right” comes next and while the tempo is a little tempered compared to the opener, the rock quotient is high and features some killer vocals – both lead and layered background.  The chugging riff through the verse hooks you and doesn’t let go. “Mind Your Manners” was the second single from the disc and it comes at you with a killer tempo lead handily by the drums and bass underneath the twin guitar attack of Slash and newcomer Frank Sidoris.  Myles’ vocals are some of the best on the disc.  “Read Between The Lines” has a fun riff that brings a spirited blues vibe to the track and swirls it with a rock groove that culminates in a killer track that ties together not only the other songs on the disc, but the different sounds of the players individually.  “The One You Loved Is Gone” is one of my favorite vocals from Kennedy ever. He perfectly delivers the nuances of the lyrics from note to note and draws you into the song while Slash plays his ass off without overpowering the track.  This song is sure to get lighters and cellphones in the air if it gets added to the set list for the upcoming tour dates.  “Sugar Cane” is another driving track that has the riffs and drums leading the charge while the bass holds down the bottom end and the vocals dance across the top of the mix.  This one gets the foot tapping, the head banging, and during the bridge gets even the most mellow rockers ready to blow out some air solos.

“My Antidote” starts off with a great tribal rhythm that is soon joined by Kennedy’s vocals and a fun riff from Slash that helps build the track.  This was the third single released form the disc.  The chorus is catchy and draws you in.  The rhythm from bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz is tight and allows the song to chug along the tracks until the next rocker comes along.  “Lost Inside The Girl” slows things down, but features some powerful guitar work from Slash and Fitz’s drumming stands out as well.  The use of Kennedy’s lower range adds depth and punch to the song as the verses roll into the chorus.  “Slow Grind” is another track that kicks off with a sound that stands apart from the others on the disc, but soon morphs into a great rocker that checks off the various ‘must haves’ for any great rock track, including driving riffs and solos, solid vocals, and killer bottom end.  Lead single “Driving Rain” is the most contagious track on the disc and I cannot help but sing out loud every time I hear this one come through the speakers.  The vocals are perfectly layered and paired to the guitars while the drums have killer rhythm changes plugged in and adds a fun groove to the song as choruses and verses ebb and flow together around the bridge.  “The Great Pretender” slows the pace, but not in typical rocker ballad fashion.  The lyrics are poignant and the guitar work matches it perfectly.  The solo between chorus and verse is amazing and adds another sound to Slash’s musical arsenal.  Disc closer “Boulevard Of Broken Hearts” chugs into motion with a solid riff that builds underneath the vocals and rhythm section and soon kicks into overdrive as Slash takes the lead and guides this song with his familiar sound.  The breakdown before the bridge is different compared to the other tracks here and the solo that is the bridge is an amazing listen.  As these guys gel from disc to disc, I cannot wait to see what they come up with on their next go round.

Tracklisting: The Call Of The Wild – Serve You Right – My Antidote – Mind Your Manners – Lost Inside The Girl – Read Between The Lines – Slow Grind – The One You Loved Is Gone – Driving Rain – Sugar Cane – The Great Pretender – Boulevard Of Broken Hearts






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