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| 4 November 2018 | Reply

Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
8 ½ /10

The digital revolution has given us unprecedented access to an almost infinite array of bands we’d never have otherwise heard, but it’s also flooded the marketplace so it is difficult for any band to be heard above the endless forests of mediocrity.

Point in case: this excellent 2016 album from Albury/Wadonga band Idle Fret.

Chock full of ripper songs and catchy choruses, and played damn well by Hayden Edwards, Daniel Edwards, Ryan Nicholson, Dean Williams and Simon Klaaysen, Reborn is everything an ‘80s hard rock lover could ask for in a modern band.

There are hints of the Swedish pomp rock of Europe (the title track), Skid Row (You Can’t Change Me) and other luminaries of the hair metal scene, but none more so than Guns N’ Roses, especially in the lead guitar playing and vocals.

Reborn is full of riffs so meaty they’ll send vegetarians running for cover, with enough chanted choruses to make an audience hoarse, and whilst comparisons can be made with the above bands, Idle Fret undeniably have their own edge above and beyond being mere copyists.

There’s diversity, too, with Who I Am and Leave It All both slower (though no less heavy), smouldering tunes which show some very mature songwriting.

The Bitter Pill is an exceptional song with an instantly unforgettable chorus, and shows how damn good Hayden Edwards’ vocals are. Last Chance and Town’s Gonna Burn are high octane jet car tears around the rock n’ roll rebellion track, and the perfect way to round out this hugely impressive debut album. Points also to the excellent caricature cover which apparently features fans and friends of the band – now there’s a great idea we can’t recall having been done before.

If Idle Fret are still out there, I really hope they’ve been writing songs ‘cos here at 100% ROCK HQ we want to hear more of this quality rock and roll.

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