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| 7 August 2018 | Reply

Label: Metropolis Records

Release Date: May 18, 2018

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

On their latest – and 6th studio offering – Lords of Acid have demonstrated that they stick to what they love, what they know, and they can be consistent disc after disc.  Disc opener “Break Me” comes pushing through the speakers and we are treated to the vibe and groove anyone who listens to LoA on a regular basis is accustomed to, with a slightly different vocal from new singer Marieke Bresseleers.  What “Ma Fille De Joie” lacks in vocals, it makes up in instrumentation and keyboard prowess from Praga Khan – the man behind the band and all the hits as well as the co-writer of all the tracks on this disc.  This song has a cool vibe that keeps the music moving.  “Flow Juice” is another track that leans heavily into the world of sex and fun without getting to crazy.  The vocals are great and adds to the songs groove from open to close.  Be sure to check out the breakdown in the middle of the track.  “Before the Night is Over” swirls the Loard s of Acid sound with an 80’s vibe and sound that gives this song, and the disc, a different feel.  This track should go over well in a club setting with the music cranked, the lights flashing, and the bodies writhing together.  “Goldfinger” does not kick off like your typical LoA track at all -with a slow and mellow opening that slowly works into a club frenzy and then back and forth between the two – slow and fast, soft and hard.  “So Goddamn Good” has a cool intro that lures you into the song as it slowly winds through the verse and into the chorus.  This is a track you could through on in the background and listen to over and over thanks to its mellow grind.  This song features Matic in the mix as well.

“Sex Cam Girl” kicks everything up a notch musically and even more than that lyrically.  This fun track features some cool play on words and innuendos as well as a featuring role from Lisa Cruz a/k/a Luscious.  This is one of the tracks on the disc I find myself going back to time and time again.  “Like Pablo Escobar” starts off with a cool blend of guitars and bass swirled with some mixing and programming and heads to another level with lyrics that leans away from the typical sex theme we have come to kn ow and love from the Lords.  The droning bass line hooks you and keeps you listening.  “Androgyny” is very demonstrative of the bands image and sound, as well as representing a lot of their fan base.  Khan’s mix and musical counterpart to Bresseleer’s vocals are the perfect pieces coming together with a darker and deeper undertone that gives this song a different feel than most tracks on the collection.  “What the Fuck!” is the quintessential Lords of Acid song from a lyrical standpoint.  This track features the vocal contributions of Rocco Corsari, the self-proclaimed Social Media Slut for the band.  The groove of this track is infectious and keeps your feet moving as well as getting the body moving in general.  “My Demons Are Inside” is a song that features some great lyrics and a killer beat coming together to create the perfect dance floor storm.  The female vocals laid overtop the mix a rich and thick, while delivering a primal feel and sound.  Disc closer “We Are The Freaks” brings some different sounds and textures to the table, giving the song an almost industrial feel.  This song features Nino Pornero on the verse delivering the lyrics in Spanish.  The song maintains a steady groove that chugs along and takes us to the end.

Tracklisting: Break Me – Ma Fille De Joie – Sex Cam Girl – Flow Juice – Like Pablo Escobar – Before the Night is Over – Androgyny – Goldfinger – What the Fuck! – So Goddamn Good – My Demons Are Inside – We Are The Freaks






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