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| 14 August 2018 | Reply


3OH!3 was one of the biggest names on this year’s final cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour. Many people will recognize them for their late 2000s electro-pop hits like “Starstrukk,” “My First Kiss,” and “Don’t Trust Me” – which had an edgy line that captured most middle-schoolers in my generation: “Tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef / That I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t f***ing scared of him.” I talked to Nathaniel Motte about being on the final Warped Tour and celebrating 10 years since the release of their album, Want.

Rachel: It’s the final Warped Tour this summer, has it felt different for you guys this time around?

Nathaniel: I think it’s a little bit different since everyone’s a bit cognizant that it’s not going to last forever and I think everyone’s trying to kind of savor the moment. I think, you know, we’ve seen the crowds have been huge this year. So I think the fans of the Warped Tour, the people that have been coming out, they feel that as well and it’s really been a happy and great tour so far.

Rachel: Did you have a chance to check out Warped Tour as a fan, or have you always been here with 3OH!3?

Nathaniel: I had actually never been to Warped Tour before we played it, I wasn’t that far entrenched into the scene, the bands that played Warped Tour. But we got an offer to play it in 2007 in our hometown of Denver so that was the first time I’d ever been to it and it was so eye-opening, it was all so fun. Crowds were huge and so it obviously became something that’s important to us and we’ve been coming on and off for those past 10, 11 years doing the tour. So yeah, more than anything with this last tour it’s just been great because it’s like you get to really, as a band at least, appreciate the fans. Like the people who have come out and supported Warped Tour since day one. And you know, I’m sure they’ll continue to support the bands that tour through here. It’s been really wonderful.

Rachel: This tour includes a 20-day stretch with no breaks this summer. How is that affecting everyone?

Nathaniel: I think everyone’s a little tired, but you know what, you kind of get energy from it too because you know you’ve got to do it. And that’s one thing that’s really admirable about the whole Warped Tour, especially people who work in production. They are grinding, they are working so hard and as a band that motivates you to work harder and you to chip in and help other people that might need help on the day-to-day to just keep it going. So we’re happy to be out here, it’s definitely a long stretch but the shows have been great and haven’t suffered at all. You’ve got to remind yourself for the people coming out here, it’s not 19 days straight for them, it’s like their first day.

Rachel: What’s next for 3OH!3? Do you have a tour planned for this fall, or perhaps some time to rest up?

Nathaniel: We do, and we’ll see – no rest for the wicked (laughs). But we have a tour for the fall that’s a celebration of the 10 year anniversary of our first record called Want. We’ll be coming back through Charlotte, for sure, there’s a date here in Charlotte. So we’re excited to come back and hopefully party with some people who come to the set today.

Rachel: Do you have a favorite moment from Warped Tour to share?

Nathaniel: Yeah, it’s been a collection of great moments. And honestly the shows have been the highlight, just being able to put some smiles on people’s faces and have so much fun ourselves. It’s that kind of collective memory that I think that I’ll really cherish from this last run.





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