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Label: Spitfire Music / SPV

Release Date: April 6, 2018

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The Dead Daisies have done it again… they dropped a disc full of killer rock tunes that allow each member to be a star within the ‘confines’ of the group structure.  The latest offering, Burn It Down, has ten great rockers that keep the foot tapping, the head banging, and rock quotient high.  Disc opener “Resurrected” comes at you from the first note and doesn’t let up.  The vocals from John Corabi are some of the best he has recorded with the band and the guitar leads from Doug Aldrich help carry the track through the bridges and choruses.  “Rise Up” follows suit and gives us another song with a kick ass cadence that drives from open to close and fits perfectly against the other tracks on the disc.  The chugging riffs from David Lowy add punch to the song through the verses.  “Judgement Day” is a cool song that gives bassist Marco Mendoza room to run underneath the soaring solos at the bridge and the hard hitting drums, while the vocals dance around over the verse.  “Bitch” is a fun take on The Rolling Stones classic, with the vibe and groove of the original intact, but this version shows how well these guys can make a song their own without changing it up.  The vocals are killer, the guitars spot on, and the rhythm section charging!  “Dead And Gone” is the latest single to have a video – and it is also one of my favorite tracks on the disc.  Corabi matches his best efforts on this track, while Aldrich’s and Lowy’s guitars take a straightforward approach and knock it out of the proverbial park with licks and little nuances tossed in between the solos, choruses, and verse.

Title track “Burn It Down” does exactly that – it burns the musical landscape of this collection.  The opening riff coupled with Deen Castronovo’s solid timekeeping gives the song the perfect foundation for the song as it builds through the verse and explodes as the song veers into the chorus, which features another solid Corabi vocal.  “What Goes Around” starts off with a cool guitar vibe and sound that soon gets heavier with the addition of drums and bass and steadies itself once the vocals join the fray.  The song clicks along and shifts gears a bit at the chorus without deviating from the songs overall vibe.  “Set Me Free” starts off slowly with a cool bluesy feel that permeates the entire track and gives the disc depth.  The vocals captivate you with their delivery while the guitars slowly add their magic to the song. The drums and bass sway lightly in the background while the vocals and guitars lead the way.  “Can’t Take It With You” is another solid rocker that keeps the ‘flash and balls’ to a minimum and dazzles you with power packed guitars, drums, bass, and vocals.  The chorus – packed with layered vocals – is contagious and gets you singing along on the first pass.  Disc closer “Leave Me Alone” is a great send off, with a tempo that is full of energy, guitars that add pings and squeals while leading the way.  The bass lines from Mendoza solidly anchor the track while Castronovo keeps things flowing from behind the drums.  John Corabi shines on this track and gives us another great vocal that should translate perfectly live.  Do yourself a favor and grab the disc with the bonus track – a cover of The Beatles “Revolution”.  You won’t be sorry.

Tracklisting: Resurrected – Rise Up – Burn It Down – Judgement Day – What Goes Around – Bitch – Set Me Free – Dead And Gone – Can’t Take It With You – Leave Me Alone – Revolution (Bonus Track)






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