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MUSIC REVIEW: SHINEDOWN – Attention Attention

| 26 July 2018 | Reply

Label: Atlantic Records

Release Date: May 4, 2018

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

On their sixth release, Shinedown has taken their game to the next level.  On Attention Attention, they have created a disc full of songs that weave together to create a theme and vibe, but also stand alone as strong tracks that could all be radio hits.  “The Entrance” is a mood setting piece that sets the table for the first single from the disc.  “Devil” kicks off with killer drumming and when the song breaks down at the bridge, we are treated to killer riffs from the guitars and bottom end from the bass.  There is a definite reason this song was chosen as the first song to be released – it grabs you and makes you beg for more.  The discs title track “Attention Attention” has a droning groove that kicks in with the verse and helps build the foundation for when the song breaks out at the chorus.  This song has the first chorus I found myself singing along to one my third time through the disc.  “Pyro” dances across the discs musical landscape, but the heavy handed drumming from Barry Kerch leads the charge and gives this song the killer punch that drives the tempo.  The chugging riffs and solid bass lines help carry the song from start to finish.  “Darkside” is a driving track that sees all four members being showcased at different moments throughout.  The sound of this track has a cool hard rock drive that comes from the drums and bass, while the guitars and vocals take the song on a slightly pop-rock fueled ride.  “Evolve” is another song that helps the others tracks gel together, by mixing the different sounds and vibes of the disc.  The song chugs along without any fanfare, but still shines.  “Special” is one of my personal favorites on the disc from a lyrical standpoint.  The songs message is crystal clear when Brent sings ‘Stop waiting on your fifteen minutes of fame; Cause your not special.’  The music underneath the vocal is killer and gives the band another weapon in its arsenal that it can lean on.  This is one of those tracks that should get every lighter or cellphone in the air in a live setting.

“Black Soul” is a solid track that blends the Shinedown sound with some fun twists and turns along the way that seem to breathe a different feel into this song.  The vocal and chorus are contagious, blending Brent Smith’s vocals with Zach Myers guitar throughout.  Along with the title track, “Kill Your Conscience” provides the best one-two punch on the disc.  The songs sound and construction is reminiscent of other songs from the bands catalog while sounding fresh.  The song has one of the strongest lyrics on the disc and one that most people could embrace on some level.  “Monsters” has a darker vibe and feel from the musical interlude that slowly opens the track into the vocals from Smith that kick the doors open as the song rolls into and through the chorus.  This song has a slightly different vibe than some of the others on the disc, but works perfectly within the musical parameters on this collection.  “Creatures” slows the pace without deviating from the discs intensity.  This song is the most ballad like of the fourteen tracks, but don’t be fooled by the musical accompaniment, this is no love song.  The laid back approach of the song musically helps add depth to the lyric and the songs delivery.  “Get Up” has different elements tossed into the musical blender, but the outcome is awesome.  The layered vocals add dimension to the lyrics and the piano interlude that dances underneath the verse seems to life the track.  Once the drums kick in at the chorus, this song is off and running.  “The Human Radio” is a contagious track that gets the foot tapping and the head banging as soon as the tribal drums kick in.  The song climbs to the next level at the chorus when the guitars push in full-throttle.  This song is solid from top to bottom and front to back, including the huge chorus after the second verse.  Disc closer “Brilliant” is the perfect song to tie the different songs together and take us out… until we kick start this disc over again.  Don’t discount the mellow opening… the second verse drops and the bands jumps in with both feet and delivers a powerful track that matches the lyric. 

Tracklisting: The Entrance – Devil – Black Soul – Attention Attention – Kill Your Conscience – Pyro – Monsters – Darkside – Creatures – Evolve – Get Up – Special – The Human Radio – Brilliant







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