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Label: BMG

Release Date: April 27, 2018

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Godsmack is a great band that has been in my collection and on my radar since the release of their major label debut disc back in 1998.  Having listened to (and picking up a copy) of each of their releases, I was excited to check out the latest disc.  Listening through this disc, I took in the slightly different sound and approach to the music the band took on this disc… and I can’t stop listening to this KILLER rock record.  The discs title track “When Legends Rise” kicks this collection off and it does so with flair and a sound that let’s you know this isn’t just another Godsmack disc.  The vocals are solid, the chorus contagious, and the cadence charging.  While this track sounds like Godsmack, it gives you a different rock vibe than most of the other stuff in their catalog.  “Bulletproof” comes along and slows the pace a bit, but doesn’t let up on the rock quotient.  The guitars chug along and add punch to the track, while Sully Erna’s vocals run the gamut of his range and intensity.  I dare you to try not to join in or bang your head on the chorus.  “Every Part of Me” is a mainstream rocker that leans on the guitars and vocals, while the rhythm section carries along underneath the mix.  “Under Your Scars” unfolds beautifully with a piano intro that is soon joined by violin and cello and culminates with one of my favorite vocals from Sully on any of the bands releases.  The guitars and rhythm section kick in and we have a phenomenal rock ballad that rivals any I have heard lately.  Don’t miss Tony Rombola’s  guitar solo at the bridge.  “Just One Time” is a cool track that comes steadily charging at you from the opening to the close.  The drumming is almost tribal at times, the bass from Robbie Merrill solid in the mix, and the guitars are soaring throughout. Disc closer “Eye of the Storm” is great rock track full of riffs and solos, thunderous bass lines, pounding drums, and more killer vocals.  This song goes for the rock and roll jugular and doesn’t let up at all.

“Unforgettable” is exactly that – this track delivers great guitar riffs, pounding drums compliments of Shannon Larkin, and a bass line that helps anchor the track.  The groove of the song adds depth to the disc, just as the use of a choir adds depth and energy to the track.  “Take It to the Edge” has Erna’s delivering a grittier vocal than normal, but it works in the context of this track and gives the song an edgier feel.  The tempo builds from verse to chorus and bridge make this a song that will go over perfectly in a live situation, should they add it to their live repertoire.  “Someday” blends some sounds and vibes from the bands catalog and the more rock vein from this desk in a solid track that draws you in and keeps you listening until the last note escapes the speakers on your stereo.  The lyrics are poignant and the musical accompaniment adds to the songs vibe.  “Say My Name” is another rocker that gets the foot tapping, the head banging, and the blood pumping.  The drums get you moving while the guitar hooks… well, hook you.  The vocals are top notch and add to the songs feeling of urgency.  This is one of my favorite tracks on the disc – this could be placed anywhere in the track list and help the album flow.  Personally, I hear this as a set opener – it is that good and helps set the bar and the mood.  “Let It Out” picks up where “Someday” left off as far as blending the sound bands fans have come to love with the more mainstream groove of this disc.  The tribal feel of the drums through the verse helps tie the two together.  This disc eclipses anything the band has done to date, in my opinion.  I can’t wait to see and hear how these song play out live against the other hits and fan favorites when Godsmack tours later this summer!

Tracklisting: When Legends Rise – Bulletproof – Unforgettable – Every Part of Me – Take It to the Edge – Under Your Scars – Someday – Just One Time – Say My Name – Let It Out – Eye of the Storm






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