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| 11 June 2019 | Reply

Label: Golden Robot Records

Release Date: March 29, 2019

Rating: 93%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Super groups are getting more commonplace in the music industry, but why wouldn’t they?  As Kerri Kelli explained to us in an earlier interview, these guys are all friends and colleagues and enjoy playing together outside of their “day jobs.”  The latest such group that made its way into my music collection is Enemies & Lovers from A New Revenge.  Disc opener “The Distance Between” kicks things off in a blaze of glory.  The musical accompaniment of the track accentuates the vibe of the song and leads the charge for some killer vocals from Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens.  The guitar work is full of great riffs and leads, especially at the bridge.  “The Way” follows and gives the disc a solid one-two punch of rock and roll that is reminiscent of great rock tracks from the 80’s metal scene.  The vocal are some of the best on the disc and the guitar work from Kerri Kelli stands out on this track without stealing the spotlight or drowning out the other players.  “Glorious” is a different track musically for the collection, but it adds texture to the disc with a slightly different vibe woven through it.  The vocals, especially on the chorus, are thick and keep the song within the musical parameters of the other tracks.  “Fallen” is contagious and is one of the more head-on rockers on the disc, with solid fret work and an amazing solo at the bridge, swirled with some thunderous drumming and bass that provide a great foundation for the song.  Sonically, this track could have been ripped right from the Sunset Strip anytime form 1987 – 1990.  Title track “Enemies & Lovers” is another song that encapsulates the sound and groove of late 80’s rock and metal.  This track has everything the killer rock tracks from that era had… great chugging riffs, killer tempo and cadence, emotive vocals, and like every other track on the disc clocks in at or less than 4:00.

The debut release from these guys is full of great rockers that demonstrate not only how well the various sounds and influences of the rockers individual bands, but how well they fit their sounds together on these ten tracks – penned by guitarist Kerri Kelli, with co-writes on two of the songs.  “Never Let You Go” comes across with chugging riffs and some heavy handed bottom end from drummer James Kottak and bassist Rudy Sarzo [Rudy played on the disc with Phil Soussan filling in on videos and various tour dates].  This song has a contagious chorus that draws you in from the first listen.  “The Eyes” is a slightly heavier track that brings together soaring vocals from Owens and killer riffs from Kelli.  At times, especially on the verses, this track has a sound that writer Kelli could have easily given to Alice Cooper [one of his previous gigs], but make no mistake – Ripper pulls this one off.  “Only The Pretty Ones” is a right turn musically for the disc, but is the perfect companion song to “The Eyes” – a very Cooper-like opening verse that grows in intensity without getting overbearing or too heavy.  Kottak’s drumming on this track provides a killer groove in the accompaniment as the chorus kicks in and the song’s contagious sound and chorus grab your attention.  This track showcases Owens’ diversity as a singer.  “Here’s To Us” is one of the songs on this disc that I think will translate best in a live situation, thanks to the catchy chorus, the us vs. them lyric, the awesome bottom end and drumming, and overall vibe of the track. from opening riff through the bridge and finally the outro.  Disc closer “Scars” has a killer uptempo that helps close the disc out on a high note.  The song seems to gain strength as it winds its way to the end without getting to heavy or losing the great rock vibe that is wrapped into all of the songs on this disc.  One can only hope the band gets the opportunity to road test these songs and deliver them to the fans.

Tracklisting: The Distance Between – The Way – Never Let You Go – Glorious – The Eyes – Fallen – Only The Pretty Ones – Enemies & Lovers – Here’s To Us – Scars






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