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BOOK REVIEW: Space Is Cool As Fuck by Kate Howells & Friends

| 27 February 2018 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Space Is Cool As Fuck by Kate Howells & Friends

Lost The Plot
December 2017
Hardcover, $75.00
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Science & Space



Space has never been more interesting, nor more beautifully rendered than in the heavy as fuck coffee table-sized Space Is Cool As Fuck.

Space fanatic Kate Howells demystifies the inimitable mysteries of the infinities of space in down to earth (and sweary – but that shouldn’t bother anyone, especially when the book and its subject are just so fucking special) language that makes the many chapters herein extremely easy to understand.

Additionally, there is 100 pieces of conceptual art from 35 young international artists, guest articles from people from all walks of life and technical know-how, an interview with US TV’s ‘Science Guy’ Bill Nye, and Howells’ passion for her subject leaps off the page as infectiously as a mutant space bug!

Subjects covered include black holes and supernovas, the International Space Station, the Mars Rovers, aliens and shit-loads of others, all fascinatingly explained and depicted.

Put simply, this book is cool as fuck, interesting as hell, readable as shit, and should be mandatory on every coffee table.

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