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BOOK REVIEW: Hairy Maclary and Friends Little Library by Lynley Dodd

| 24 August 2017 | 1 Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Hairy Maclary and Friends Little Library by Lynley Dodd

Penguin Group (NZ)
July 2017
Hardback, $12.99
Reviewed by Natalie Salvo

Children & Teenagers/Picture Books/Baby Books


Hairy Maclary is a classic character from children’s books. The stories were always wonderful reads in that the language was simplistic but extremely well-crafted. The text featured excellent rhymes and delightful and whimsical prose. The Hairy Maclary and Friends Little Library stars these same beloved characters, but the stories are condensed down to a single sentence and designed for younger readers. While this is enjoyable, it is no match for Lynley Dodd’s original storybooks.

Hairy Maclary likes trotting to town
Sniffing at smells
Playing with friends
Bothering cats
And dozing in the shade.

This collection contains four board books, each with a different central character. There is one for Hairy Maclary and others for his sidekicks: the pittery-pattery Zachary Quack; Schnitzel von Krumm the dachshund with the very low tum; and Slinky Malinki, a prowling, black cat. The stories are essentially a single-sentence description of what the particular animal likes to do and includes things like: rolling in the mud, climbing trees, or playing with friends. It is a pleasant introduction to these characters for young readers and it contains some minor references to the storybooks. This should therefore prove an easy transition for younger readers who will one day graduate to learning about these animals’ full adventures.

These board books are sturdy and designed for little hands. They would make a good toy to bring along when you’re out with a child because they’re very durable. The illustrations are fantastic and eye-catching. Even though they are small it is obvious that Dodd has put a lot of time and effort into the pictures because they are very detailed and sweet.

The Hairy Maclary and Friends Little Library is a short introduction to Lynley Dodd’s work for younger readers. The illustrations are gorgeous and the books are easy for young children just learning to read because the words are not difficult ones. This is ultimately a cute and quaint little series of titles where you can begin the journey with that beloved little black dog and his animal friends.

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