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BOOK REVIEW: Upside-Down Dogs by Serena Hodson

| 24 January 2018 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Upside-Down Dogs by Serena Hodson

Hachette Australia
October 2017
Hardcover, $19.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
Picture Book


I think we humans all have an integral, DNA-level connection to dogs and their wolf forbears. Yeah, I know – some of you are cat people, and more power to you, but you can upgrade to a dog any time you’re ready.

So, dogs – gorgeous, lovable, cuddly, loyal, intuitive – they are our best friends, they relate instinctively to our emotions, they give us love and kindness when we need them, play with us when we’re carefree, and are always ready for us, no matter what.

Serena Hodson has an empathy with her canine friends, as shown in this collection of adorable photographs of – as the title has already made abundantly clear – upside-down dogs.

They’re cute, and just as puppies themselves warm our heart, having a volume like this on the coffee table or bookshelf to flick through when feeling flat is an instant way to cheer yourself up and feel bolder about facing the world.

We all need a fix of upside-down dogs from time to time… even cat people.


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