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| 25 January 2018 | Reply

Label: Hugtight Records

Release Date: November 7, 2017

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The Perms released a new CD in late 2017 that is still spinning regularly in my office.  The nine-track disc is good rock and roll and allows for business and phone calls without being overpowering in the background.  “Julie” kicks off slowly, but soon the vocals are joined by guitars and a cool rhythm section groove.  The song chugs along and pulls you in without any tricks or traps, just a cool vibe.  “Be Alright” is a punchy-poppy track that has a sound unlike most on the disc thanks to a disjointed cadence from the drums that don’t lineup with the instrumentation, but somehow works on this track.  “Think Less” is another catchy track that draws you in quickly and keeps you listening through to the next song.  The chorus packs a punch and has a cool anthemic vibe woven through it.  “Busy Izzy” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc, thanks to a killer cadence, heavier hitting drums through out, as well as the way the vocals and guitar churn together in the mix.  “Turnaround” is one of the songs that kinda churns in the background without any fanfare. While good, it seems a bit misplaced on this disc.

“Lose Yourself” is another track that unfolds slowly, but soon gets an injection of pop-punk sensibility that helps keep this track inline with the others on the disc.  The vocals are catchy and get the foot tapping.  “Wanted You To Know” opens with a totally different feel than the other songs here, but soon falls in line and demonstrates how strong the bands grasp is on pop / punk / rock blended material.  “Now November” is an edgier track that swirls the different vibes, sounds, and overall grooves of the different tracks together in a fun mix.  Disc closer “Gone” is my favorite on the disc, with “Busy Izzy” not far behind it.  This light track has a great sing-song feel woven into the vocal / guitar mix that includes both acoustic and electric guitars, including fun layered background vocals.  This track is enough to get my to play the disc over and over.

Tracklisting: Julie – Be Alright – Lose Yourself – Think Less – Wanted You To Know – Busy Izzy – Now November – Turnaround – Gone





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