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| 24 October 2017 | Reply

Label: Atlantic Records

Release Date: July 21, 2017

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

In This Moment have returned to the sound that gave them traction back when they were starting off… crunching guitars, heavy rhythms, and killer vocals from front woman Maria Brink.  Disc opener “Salvation” is an interesting instrumental piece that draws you in while it builds in sound and intensity, setting the stage for the next track.  “Oh Lord” is a hypnotic ditty that grabs your attention and then grabs you by the throat, daring you to look away and stop listening.  The drumming throughout is the perfect accompaniment to the heavy bass lines and chugging guitar riffs. “In The Air Tonight” is one of the newest remakes of a classic from days gone by to see the light of day and I for one really dig this version.  To hear Maria pour her emotional delivery into the track adds and edge, especially with the guitars drone and chug behind her.  The drums add punch at the appropriate time… we all know when that is.  “River Of Fire” opens with a cool tribal rhythm from Kent Diimmel that draws you in and Brinks’ vocals keep you engaged.  The intensity of the song is amplified by the bass lines from Travis Johnson that anchor the track.  “Twin Flames” unfolds slowly and gently, with a sound well-suited not only to Brink’s vocals, but also the tandem guitar work of band co-founder Chris Howorth and Randy Weitzel.  The slower pace of this track allows the band to showcase another side of themselves as musicians and they do it well.  “No Me Importa” is a track that sounds fresh, while recalling the vibe and groove of several tracks from the bands Blood release (which was a personal favorite of mine from their catalog).  This track has a catchy chorus that would go over great in a live scenario.

“Black Wedding” is a killer rock track that blends the old with the new, as an original track splices in pieces of the catchy chorus from the Billy Idol smash “White Wedding.”  This track demonstrates how strong Maria Brink is as a vocalist, as she is paired up with the Metal God himself Rob Halford.  This song takes the disc to another level and gives us a glimpse at the hard rock sound that has been buried within this band for years.  This track also features Scott Stevens on piano.  “Joan Of Arc” is an interesting piece, as it features a rock sound that bridges various tracks on the collection.  This song demonstrates the essence of this disc and the bands return not only to a rock sound, but something that is a bit more mainstream than some of their more recent efforts, with the exception of Blood.  The tempo is killer and cadence is hypnotic.  “Witching Hour” brings some of the bands industrial-like grooves back into the fold and swirls them with the solid rock groove cut by other tracks on the disc.  The vibe of this track is a bit different from others on the disc, but fits the sound of the other songs, allowing the various sounds and vibes to flow from song to song.  “Half God Half Devil” is one of the more contagious songs on the disc.  The rhythm provided by the drums and bass lock in and the guitars join the fray creating one of the tightest songs on the disc.  The vocals over top of the musical accompaniment are the proverbial icing on the cake, especially during the pre-chorus.  “Roots” is another track that swirls different sounds and textures from the band members, giving the disc a track that is in your face at times and mellow at others, almost like a coiled snake ready to strike.  The track is layered perfectly and is a nice way to wind down the disc before closing with “Lay Your Gun Down.”  The final track is an outro of sorts that features spoken verse from Maria Brink while a storm of sounds dwell in the background, lending a darker edge to the piece.

Tracklisting: Salvation – Oh Lord – Black Wedding (featuring Rob Halford) – In The Air Tonight – Joan Of Arc – River Of Fire – Witching Hour – Twin Flames – Half God Half Devil – No Me Importa – Roots – Lay Your Gun Down






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