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LIVE: JACKYL – June 01, 2019

Venue: The Machine Shop

City: Flint, MI

Date: June 01, 2019

Review and Photographs by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur (

Jackyl is a band that has had a storied career over the last 25+ years of recording and touring.  These road dogs traverse the country throughout the year and The Machine Shop in Flint, MI is one of their most consistent and favorite stops time after time… I guess that’s why they added a summer date at the venue in addition to the annual Christmas / December stop they have made the last couple years.  Frontman Jesse James Dupree, along with guitarist Jeff Worley, drummer Chris Worley, and bassist Roman Glick, ripped into Flint on a blustery and overcast Saturday night to kick off the summer and the soldd out crowd braved the weather to pack the venue to capacity.  With a quarter century of music at their disposal, the band tore through a lot of fan favorites, band favorites, and all the hits that have decorated their career from their platinum selling debut on through the latest release R.O.W.Y.C.O.  The band even tossed in some covers to complete the experience.  That is what these guys bring to the stage when they play – they are giving their fans young and old an experience.  I have seen Jackyl several times and I come back time and time again and leave satisfied EVERY TIME I see them.  Jesse’s banter with the crowd, his playful attitude and love for the crowd, the venue, and what he does adds to the show.  You can’t forget about eh guys that flank him on stage.  Guitarist Jeff moves freely on stage, playing his ass off while entertaining the crowd.  Roman Glick stalks his side of the stage, sliding up front when needed, but helping drive the show with his heavy handed bass.  If you are close enough to see behind the drum riser and kit, you will see Chris beating the shit out of his kit – especially on songs like “Encore” – with a smile on his face.  This is a show to be heard, seen, and like I said experienced.  AS the show progressed toward the end, it was great to hear Jesse announce they would once again be coming back to The Machine Shop in December for another annual get together.  In typical fashion after peppering the end of the setlist with tracks from the self-titled debut, the familiar sounds of a chainsaw filled the sound system, the smell of fresh lumber filled the air, and sawdust filled the stage as Jesse sacrificed yet another stool to the rock n roll gods as the band wrapped up the show and readied themselves to meet with the fans afterwards.  Get yourself a ticket to check out Jackyl when they come through your town or miss out.  PUH-POW!

Complete set of JACKYL show photos HERE





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