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CD REVIEW: COLT FORD – Love Hope Faith

Label: Average Joe’s Entertainment Group

Release Date: May 5, 2017

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Colt Ford has done it again – a disc full of 13 great tracks that are rooted in country, but blends in textures of rap, rock, R&B / soul, swirls a ton of his musical friends into the mix, and tops it all off with a healthy portion of party vibes and good times!  Disc opener “Reload” is a killer track to start this collection off, as it sets the mood and pace for the rest of the disc.  Featuring Taylor Ray Holbrook in a duet with Colt, this song has lyrics that draw you in and let you look into the mind and heart of Ford, as it represents all he normally preaches. “Dynamite” comes at you next and keeps the good vibes flowing through the speakers.  This track features Ford prominently in the verse while he allows his friends Waterloo Revival to control the flow of the chorus.  The first track on the collection to feature Ford as a solo vocalist is the party anthem “Dirt Road Disco.”  This track gets the blood flowing, the foot tapping, and the party vibe engaged.  This song should go over perfect in a live setting regardless of the venue or size of the crowd… this is feel good music.  “My Truck” is a cool song written by Colt along with rocker Jeremy Popoff of Lit fame and two others.  With lyrics that compare one truck to another inferior vehicle, this song gets a little punch and attitude from Ford on the verse while Tyler Farr tosses his voice onto the chorus.  “Time Flies” is a track that takes on a groove that seems to rip a page from Jimmy Buffet’s song book although written by Colt and one of his band members Justin Bertoldie.  With an island feel and lyrics about sun, fun, and a drink filled with rum this song features Country legend Toby Keith on the chorus and blending his voice with Ford in the background and various points during the song.  “I’m Mud” marries country and rock with A. Jay Popoff from Lit contributing vocals, guitars, and a even solo.  The fiddle underneath the mix add a nice punch, building up the crunch in the guitar sound from Spencer Bassett and Cole Phillips, not to mention the heavy handed bass of Paul Chapman and timekeeping prowess of drummer Tim Haines.  This is a song that WILL get hands in the air in a live setting.  “Drunk Girl” is exactly what I expect from Colt Ford.  The party vibe is intact and the musical accompaniment from his band brings this piece together perfectly.  The guitar solo at the bridge is smooth and offsets the fiddle woven throughout.

“Young Americans” is a great track that takes each of us back on a memory ridgeback to our individual youths with lyrics that reflect on all of those things some hold near and dear to their hearts.  Joining Colt on this track are two-thirds of Lady Antebellum: Charles & Josh Kelley.  With “4 Lane Gone,” Ford turns his attention and energy to a cool ballad of love gone wrong.  The first single from the disc takes the singer into newer territory, while his band does what they do best – play great music and give Ford’s vocals the perfect foundation.  “Lookin’ For A Handout” kicks off with a familiar voice crooning some whoa’s through the intro.  Ford drops his sound into the mix on the verse, but the same familiar voice from the intro kicks in at the chorus when Brad Paisley adds his vocals and even tosses some electric guitar on the track, including the solo at the bridge.  “No Rest” is a track that caught me off guard, but has quickly become one of my favorites of the 13 tracks.  Featuring Javier Colon at the chorus and bridge, the R&B soul flavor baked into the groove and vibe of this song takes this one to the next level and gives us another musical angle of Colt to appreciate.  “Bad Day” is the lone track to feature a female artist dueting with Colt.  Rizzi Myers delivers a classic sounding vocal that makes this one of the purest country songs on the disc.  The guitars, fiddle, and rhythm section are solid, but Myers’ voice brings Martina McBride to mind.  Ford and Myers together have created a great sound on an even greater ballad.  Disc closer “Keepin’ It Real” has lyrics that sound as if they came from the heart and mind of Colt (even though he didn’t write the track).  Granger Smith throws his vocals on the chorus and adds a cool sound to the mix.  The songs vibe is pure, fun, and keeps it real… pun intended.  The best part of this track (and all of the other to be honest) is that it forces you to kick this one back to the beginning and take these songs for another spin.

Tracklisting: Reload (featuring Taylor Ray Holbrook) – Dynamite (featuring Waterloo Revival) – Young Americans (featuring Charles & Josh Kelley) – Dirt Road Disco – 4 Lane Gone – My Truck (featuring Tyler Farr) – Lookin’ For A Handout (featuring Brad Paisley) – Time Flies (featuring Toby Keith) – No Rest (featuring Javier Colon) – I’m Mud (featuring Lit) – Bad Day (featuring Rizzi Myers) – Drunk Girl – Keepin’ It Real (featuring Granger Smith)

Band: Colt Ford (vocals) – Justin Bertoldie (fiddle/guitar/mandolin) – Paul Chapman (bass) – Tim Haines (drums) – Spencer Bassett (guitar) – Cole Phillips (guitar)






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