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| 22 December 2023 | Reply

Label: Miron Music

Release Date: December 8, 2023

Rating: 88%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The Trudy has been around in one incarnation or another since 1979.  How have I missed them so far?  Disc opener “Dawn” is a short instrumental that leads us into a handful of songs that are as immersive as they are ethereal.  “Where The Roses Grow” is a cool piece that unfolds slowly and softly thanks to a mellow guitar piece that entwines with the vocal and create a sonic safe place for you to rest your ears, listen, and enjoy the sounds being created for your pleasure.  The band kicks in and we are off and running on a cool song that is a throwback to the mood and sounds of the late 1970’s.  “Dear Sancho” starts up and I feel as if we are back at the beginning of the disc as the introductions are one in the same, with the song growing legs and running off across the musical landscape that makes up this mini-album.  The vocals take on an ethereal vibe that permeates the entire package, but somehow stands out on this track.  “Every Story Ever Told” takes on a different sound and texture without totally deviating from the path cut by the other tunes.  The guitar and vocal duet that works throughout the track works perfectly thanks to the layered vocals throughout that creates a multi-dimensional sound atop the musical accompaniment.  Be sure to check out the playing on the bridge before you digest more layered vocals on the last chorus and outro.  “Giants Theme” is a guitar laden track that plays out and brings “Dear Sancho” to mind, as if this is the unfinished ending of the track removed for posterity sake… but it is a cool instrumental piece that gives some added punch to the disc.  “Pop Pop” is self-descriptive as this is the bands lone true pop song offered up on the collection and it is damn good.  While a bit cheesy lyrically, this track demonstrates the band can be multi-faceted if they so choose.  The strutting guitars, tempo driving drums, and anchoring bass lines are the perfect underscore to the vocals.  Disc closer “Arrival” is an interesting minute of instrumentation that swirls together the ethereal and allows some of the previous tracks pop sensibility permeate the pieces DNA.  Not sure why I didn’t know these guys before, but I cannot wait to see what’s next from them as I dig into the archive for older material as well.

Tracklisting: Dawn – Where The Roses Grow – Dear Sancho – Every Story Ever Told – Giants Theme – Pop Pop – Arrival







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