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BOOK REVIEW: Billie’s Great Desert Adventure by Sally Rippin, illustrated by Alisa Coburn

| 4 November 2016 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Billie’s Great Desert Adventure by Sally Rippin, illustrated by Alisa Coburn

Hardie Grant Egmont
April 2015
Hardcover, $14.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Picture Book



The Billie’s Super Duper Adventures series is a gorgeous take on Billie B. Brown for younger readers. 

In these stories, Billie is a pre-schooler, which means she faces events that are much more relevant and appealing to the younger siblings of those who are already fans of the Billie B Brown and Billie B. Mysteries series’, or perhaps for those who would like to progress to the chapter books but are not as skilled at reading quite yet. 

This is a way to get kids into a series and acquaint them with a character that they can really get invested in, allowing them something of a “comfort zone” even as they progress to the next level of reading, encouraging them to continue improving their reading skills. 

Billie’s Great Desert Adventure in particular deals with the idea of being grumpy when you’re unable to get your way,

‘A rainy day is a good day for reading,’ says Amy, leading Billie into the playroom.
Billie frowns.
She doesn’t want to read. She wants to stomp in puddles. 
What’s the point of having puddle-stomping duck boots if no-one will let you stomp in puddles?

but also explores how imagination can help keep you entertained. Just because you’re unable to go outside and stomp in puddles doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

When her friend Jack comes over, Billie pulls the cushions over her head so he can’t see her.
She feels too cross to play with anyone right now.
Even Jack.
Jack lifts a cushion. 
‘Cool! A cave!’ he says.
Jack’s right. It does look like a cave!

Overall this is a nice, sweet story, as well as a great way to encourage young readers and ensure there’s Billie enough for everyone.


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