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| 4 August 2016 | Reply


Label: Spitfire Music / SPV

Release Date: August 5, 2016

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Some groups pull together killer lineups and put out great songs – The Dead Daisies seem to do it time and time again.  With another tweaked lineup, the band has issued their third full-length release and has hit the bulls-eye with this twelve track collection.  Kicking off this latest release is “Long Way To Go” and it gets the mood set from the chugging riffs to the subtle pings and squeals and the heavy bottom end.  The rock rolls on from there when the rhythm section kicks in full on and the vocals join the fray.  I cannot wait to hear this anthemic track live when these guys tour, as this one is built for the stage.  “We All Fall Down” has a different vibe from the opening note, but is a nice follow-up to the opening track.  John Corabi’s vocals add punch to the song, as does the drum fills and heavy handed percussion from drummer Brian Tichy.  “Mainline” is a cool rocker that introduces a punk-like tempo to the disc, but it fits within the confines of the disc.  The vocals swirl nicely with the guitars in the mix and the thumping bass lines from Marco Mendoza keep the track flowing from open to close.  An excellent cover of CCR’s “Fortunate Son” splits the disc and does so in style.  This rocking version puts a heavier modern spin on the classic, thanks to guitarist Doug Aldrich’s riffs and Corabi’s rich vocals.  “Mine All Mine” is a cool track that highlights the different influences and sounds of guitarist David Lowy and Aldrich.  The vocals add to the mix, but the drums fill the gaps and helps keep the song flowing.  “Freedom” brings a sense of urgency to the disc, giving us an up-tempo rocker that builds itself around the twin guitar attack and full bottom end courtesy of bassist Mendoza.  This one gets the blood pumping and the head banging.

“Song And A Prayer” opens with a cool riff from newest member Aldrich and chugging riffs from founding member Lowy and only gets better from there.  Corabi’s vocals punctuate the lyrics and the rhythm section keeps this melodic rocker on track.  “Make Some Noise” has the makings of a great live track, along with gang-like vocals that drive the track behind Tichy’s heavy drums.  The song has a different groove, but it is a slower rock track that suits the band’s sound perfectly.  “Last Time I Saw The Sun” is another awesome track that brings together the different sounds from the various tracks, especially the straight rock sound.  The way Corabi delivers the vocals is perfect, as are the guitars and wall of sound from the rhythm section – this song is the perfect Dead Daisies storm.  “How Does It Feel” is one of the more straight on rockers on the disc, with modern twists on the classic rock sound.  The vocals and guitars dance sweetly in the mix while the bass and drums march along underneath.  The background vocals add depth to the chorus.  “All The Same” showcases Aldrich’s guitars and Corabi’s vocals while allowing Tichy to accentuate the mix with cool drum fills and solid skin pounding.  The chorus is catchy and keeps you engaged between verses and bridge.  Disc closer “Join Together” demonstrates the bands love of classic rock and influences as they tackle the Who classic and put a Daisies spin on it.  With drums and bass leading the way, the guitars and vocals seemingly march along, swirling themselves in by time the second verse kicks in.  I am not sure what these guys could have done to make this disc any better than they did – they seems to get better and better with each release.  I for one cannot wait to see them live once again and hear what comes next…

Tracklisting: Long Way To Go – We All Fall Down – Song And A Prayer – Mainline – Make Some Noise – Fortunate Son – Last Time I Saw The Sun – Mine All Mine – How Does It Feel – Freedom – All The Same – Join Together






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