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A Dirty Dozen with FERNANDO PARRILLO from DOCTOR PHEABES – November 2019

| 19 November 2019 | Reply


According to a recent press release: “2019 marks a new chapter for Eduardo Parrillo (vocals), Fernando Parrillo (guitar), Fabio Ressio (bass) and Paulo Ressio (drums) – who help comprise Dr. Pheabes – as their recently-released third album, Army of the Sun, brings a melting pot of feelings. On one hand, the joy of the greatest challenge and the best production they’ve ever gone through with Bruno Agra and Kato Khandwala, but yet, on the other hand the death of the latter (Kato died in a motorcycle accident in 2018).” We get guitarist Fernando to discuss new music, influences, and much more…

1. Tell us a little about your latest release. What might a fan or listener not grab the first or second time they listen through? Are there any hidden nuggets the band put in the material or that only diehard fans might find?

The album Army of the Sun was produced by Kato Khandwala and Bruno Agra, two very talented and competent professionals. Their contribution had a strong impact on the making of the album because everything was pretty new for us. We trusted them and embraced the changes they made. I´d say they put the band in the right path making us put our best foot forward. The result was a beautiful and powerful album that shows exactly how we feel. I wouldn’t say the band put hidden nuggets in the material but there’s something funny about the song “Army of the Sun.” In fact, the song is about the band, two pairs of brothers that met a long time ago and decided to form a rock band, and that in spite of all setbacks could manage to stay together until now, but people that know us end up connecting the song to our professional backgrounds because they associate the lyrics with teamwork and how strong we can be if we fight and stay together no matter what.

2. What got you into music, and can you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to be a musician?

It was when I first listened to Van Halen playing the guitar. I got really excited and at that moment I knew immediately that I wanted to do the same thing.

3. Building on that, is there a specific song, album, performer, or live show that guided your musical taste?

Yes. “Beat it” by Michael Jackson, especially because of Eddie Van Halen´s guitar solo, and also an AC/DC live show I went to in Brazil. It was incredible. I was totally overwhelmed by their powerful and full-of-energy performance.

4. Who would be your main five musical influences?

Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.

5. If you could call in any collaborator to do a song with, who would it be, and why?

At this moment I would call in Richie Sambora because he is both a great guitar player and singer. The way he interprets the blues and music in general is dazzling. I feel connected to and really inspired by his music.

6. How would you describe your music to someone who’d never listened to you before? What is the one comparison a reviewer or fan has made that made you cringe or you disagreed with?

Our music is strong, powerful classic rock. I think music is not a competition.There´s no good or bad music. When you make music you enter into a uniquely creative and inspirational state and therefore it should be respected. It´s about what you are feeling at that particular moment. Of course you have the right to like or dislike the music, but not to criticize it. Inspiration and creation come from the heart and soul and it´s really important for musicians to deliver that, they give part of them when performing.

7. What´s the best thing about being a musician?

To be able to show the best part of you every day.

8. When the band are all hanging out together, who cooks; who gets the drinks in; and who is first to crack out the acoustic guitars for a singalong?

I like to say that the band is like a company. Everyone takes care of some specific tasks. Fabio cooks, Paul gets the drinks in and Eduardo is always the first to get the party started.

9. When was the last time you were star struck and who was it?

It was when Doctor Pheabes opened the show for the Rolling Stones in Brazil. At backstage we had the opportunity to meet them and we were amazed by the kind and respectful way Mick Jagger and the whole band treated us. Definitely a role model for all bands. They certainly deserve all the success they have had so far. They´re amazing guys.

10. If you weren’t a musician, what would be your dream job?

I would be a jet fighter pilot.

11. Looking back over your career, is there a single moment or situation you feel was a misstep or you would like to have a “do over”, even if it didn’t change your current situation?

When I was young and already in a band, I was once at a hotel and ended up meeting a producer by chance and he invited me and the band to go play in Los Angeles. I was about to quit college and head for L.A, but unfortunately I had the VISA to the States denied and couldn’t travel. I can´t really say it was a misstep because it was kind of out of my control, but maybe things would have been different if I had tried again.

12. If you could magically go back in time and be a part of the recording sessions for any one record in history, which would you choose – and what does that record mean to you?

I would like to be part of the creation and recording session of the song “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This song has been like a mantra for my life both as a person and a professional.





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