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| 27 July 2016 | Reply

Starring Richard Roxburgh
13 July, 2016
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Rake DVD season 4

Cleaver Greene, attorney and Australia’s answer to Californication’s Hank Moody, is back to his old tricks in season four of this hilariously decadent show.

When we last saw Green, played with heart and soul by Richard Roxburgh, he was dangling by the ankle from a hot air balloon, with best mate Barney (Russell Dykstra) stuck inside without a clue how to fly the thing.

Season four opens with Greene gate-crashing a luncheon hosted by his ex-mentor and criminal kingpin Ed Thompson, played with malicious relish by a dark and malevolent John Waters in a performance a far cry from his Play School days.

Barney, meanwhile, records a message aboard the balloon, thinking he’s about to die, but eventually crash lands on a New Zealand beach, gets a 1.2 million dollar bill for his rescue, which he tries to get Cleaver to pay. Cleaver, meanwhile goes into hiding under an assumed name in a country town to avoid Thompson’s goons, but after Barney sells his story for a TV feature, Cleaver’s cover is busted and he’s in serious danger of being tortured to death by Thompson’s bikie enforcers.

Yep, it’s chaos as usual in Cleaver Greene’s life, and that’s just the highlights of the first two episodes of another fantastic series. Before too long he’s in court co-defending Thompson alongside Barrister Huntley-Brown (played with all of Miriam Margolyes’ eccentric energy), crashing at his ex-wife’s house having lost his apartment, trying to help ex-lover Missy (a deranged Adrienne Pickering) who has fallen from grace and left the international jet-set life in a cocaine blizzard, and much more besides.

The beauty of Rake is not only in the deliciously wicked lifestyles of the debauched and degenerate characters, but the brilliant writing that brings together so many threads so expertly, and genuinely makes the viewer care about the creatures – in spite of their baser proclivities.

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