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| 27 July 2016 | Reply


Label: Big Spark Music Group

Date: July 29, 2016

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest EP from Olivia Lane shows the artist making strides in maturity and sound from her previous EP and singles.  This 7-song release demonstrates the rich depth of her vocals, the crossover ability of her sound, and her country roots, – all at the same time.  Disc opener “Lightning” kicks the disc off with a cool sound that blends a modern country sound with a pop sensibility and gives Olivia room to run vocally, especially on the layered chorus.  The song gets the foot tapping and keeps you engaged from first note to last.  “Make Your Own Sunshine” is a little more country musically than some of the other tracks on this release, but it allows Lane to show off her twang a bit while pushing her powerhouse vocal through the verse and chorus.  “My Heartache” is a great country-pop hybrid that blends the typical country themed lyrics with a great sound and beat.  This song should go over well live, thanks to its anthemic vibe and sound.

“Quarter Life Crisis” features a great guitar opening that sets the mark for the song and it only gets better from there when Ms. Lane pours her thick vocals over top the mix, without drowning out the sound of the band that supports her on this track.  The bridge marries different genres, but it works on this track.  “”She Fits” is a great song that unfolds slowly through the intro and first verse, gaining in momentum through the verse and seems to explode at the chorus, without getting overpowering.  Olivia’s vocals lend emotion and drive to the lyrics.  “There’s A Guy” opens with a different sound and feel than other tracks on the disc, but it gives the release more dimension thanks to the sound.  The vocals are as strong on this track as any of the others here.  Closer “Keychain” takes us out on a high, with an upbeat sound and groove underneath Olivia’s vocals.  The song seems to merge country, pop, and a mild funk groove while fitting within the parameters set by the other songs pulled together for this collection.  Hopefully we get a chance to see and hear these songs played live soon, as they are made for the stage, as is Ms. Lane’s vocals.

Tracklisting: Lightning – Quarter Life Crisis – Make Your Own Sunshine – She Fits – My Heartache – There’s A Guy – Keychain






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