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BOOK REVIEW: Split Infinity by Thalia Kalkipsakis

| 18 June 2016 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Split Infinity by Thalia Kalkipsakis 

Hardie Grant
May 2016
Paperback, $19.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Young Adult



Review of Book 1: Lifespan of Starlight


A split-second decision, a single time-skip. The world that you know, gone in a blink.

These backstreets are familiar territory. At least, they used to be, because when I bolt down the next alley I’m met with another of those smooth walls. A smaller block of flats has been built in the middle of the lane as if some kid playing Urbancraft just dumped a 3-D model house in any old gap.

Now a sharp and adept time-skipper, Scout jumps years ahead to find the world transformed. Technology has accelerated and the people she knows have grown up, or disappeared. Most pressing, the government that she was trying to escape has used the time to prepare for the return of the time skippers.
Caught between finding the mother she left behind and time-skipping ahead with Mason, a series of events lead Scout deeper into the tunnel than ever before.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been here. No idea who I am. More is out there somewhere, I think, beyond the horizon of no time, but I don’t know the way.
Here, there is no future and no past. Every moment exists at once. But every now and then I catch a glimmer of time, a spark of memory. Staring into a sky that never ends. Arms around me, holding me tight. Sharing pancakes.

The only way out is by the strength of her love and the power of her mind. The illusion of time has one more surprise, one with the power to change everything.


Split Infinity is a hard one to talk about without giving certain major plot points away, but suffice it  to say that we get to see more of Scout’s world, witness some further side-effects and exploration of time travel, and are presented with a mystery that is sure to come back into play in book three.

There are elements within this story that might be seen as a certain kind of cliche, especially to those of us who read a lot of time travel fiction… But, given that she isn’t exactly genre aware, one can forgive Scout her optimism and even as we see things beginning to unravel, we can’t help but keep reading.

With a broader range of relationships than Lifespan of Starlight, and hence less time spent on each one, this title could feel a little less well-rounded at times, but part of the fun of this novel was working out the new dynamics in these relationships, and other new elements helped to keep the plot moving. We’re talking time-hopping while in free-fall, secret companies that want to study Scout’s ability, and that bit towards the end where the book goes a little meta. Things are definitely ramping up for a big finale!

Once again, Kalkipsakis draws the reader in with fast-paced, easy to absorb prose, and a plot that will likely keep you up into the night, forever reading “one more chapter”.

It was great fun to get lost in Scout’s future Melbourne again and I can’t wait for book three, though I do wish I had taken the time to re-read book one before delving into this new chapter.


‘Is there anything you haven’t told us?’ he asks.
I meet him face on. ‘No, of course not.’
Other than the fact that I grew up in the city with a mum who broke the law to keep me.
Other than stealing a chip from a dead woman so that I’d have access to rations and a chance to go to school.
Other than letting him think his Zygoral stopped me from time skipping…
‘Why do you ask?’ I keep my tone light, curious.


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