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CD REVIEW: SUNSTORM – Edge Of Tomorrow

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Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: May 13, 2016

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Joe Lynn Turner – if you love melodic rock, classic rock, and even more modern hard rock, you need look no further for one of the best vocalists still recording great music today.  Having fallen in love with the bands last disc, I couldn’t wait to wrap my ears around the latest effort from Turner.  Disc opener “Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye” picks up where the last album left off with big guitars, melodic keyboards, and THE voice.  Searing guitar solos dot the terrain of this track and fill the gaps between verses, choruses, and the bridge.  “Edge Of Tomorrow” seems to slow things down a bit upon first listen, but the tempo and mood of the song pick up once the verse hits.  The heavy handed drumming and droning bass anchor the track while the guitars and keyboards swirl underneath Turners vocals.  “Heart Of The Storm” has an awesome cadence that will get the foot tapping and the blood pumping. JLT’s vocals are strong and furious on this track and come together nicely with the keyboards from Alessandro Del Vecchio.  “The Darkness Of This Dawn” is a beautiful piece that allows you to absorb a different side of the band, with one of the mellower tracks on the collection.  The strength of Turner’s vocals blend with the musical track anchored by Nik Mazzucconi on bass and Francesco Jovino on drums.  “Everything You’ve Got” brings together a lot of the great qualities of the other tracks on this disc, with great drumming, cool riffs, a killer tempo, and soaring vocals.  The song takes off with an awesome solo at the bridge.  The disc closes with “Burning Fire” and its cool guitar and drum interlude.  As the song progresses, the keyboards / organs join the fray while Turner adds texture with his thick vocals that cover a lot of his range.  This song brings the disc full circle and ends as strong as it started.

“Nothing Left To Say” is a heavier track, but still cut from the same melodic cloth as the other tracks on the disc.  The vocals are subtle and blend well against the big guitar and keyboard backdrop.  “The Sound Of Goodbye” features some of the best guitar solos on the disc, compliments of Simone Mularoni.  The band comes together perfectly on this track, giving depth to the musical accompaniment underneath the lead vocals, adding punch to the track overall.  “You Hold Me Down” opens with furious drums from Jovino and searing leads from Mularoni, but soon shifts into an awesome rocker with a great tempo and awesome keyboards peppered in the mix underneath JLT’s lead vocals.  This song has a cool vibe that takes me back to some of the other songs in Turner’s catalog.  “Angel Eyes” is a ballad from top to bottom, but thanks to the killer lead vocals never seems to get too sappy.  Listening to Joe Lynn vocal duet with Del Vecchio’s keyboards on the verse, you appreciate the singer even more as an artist.  “Tangled In Blue” opens as a guitar-driven rocker, but soon the keyboards step in and chugging riff become a perfect backdrop for the vocals.  The bass lines from Mazzucconi underneath the track keep the song moving.  I hope we don’t have to wait four years for another batch of tracks from Turner and Del Vecchio under the Sunstorm banner.

Tracklisting: Don’t Walk Away From A Goodbye – Edge Of Tomorrow – Nothing Left To Say – Heart Of The Storm – The Sound Of Goodbye – The Darkness Of This Dawn – You Hold Me Down – Angel Eyes – Everything You’ve Got – Tangled In Blue – Burning Fire






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