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| 20 April 2016 | Reply

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Label: Independent

Released: 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Guitarist and friend Doc Coyle has been a busy guy since the end of God Forbid, and his latest project Vagus Nerve has just released an EP of songs he has been working on since 2011.  While different, you can still pick up some similarities between this and all of the other projects Doc has been a part of through the years.  “Locked In” opens the track with an instrumental / spoken piece that sets the tone for first track to feature vocals.  “Promised Me The World” is an awesome rocker that shows off the guitar prowess of Coyle and Mike Gowen blended with the vocals of Ravi Orr.  The rhythm section anchors the track with precision and gives this song a solid foundation.  “Do You Know Who I Am” comes off as a more melancholic track at the verse that relies more on melody and rhythm than aggressive vocals.  When the chorus kicks in, we get a heavier groove that brings together the two different vibes.  “The Wading Pool” is another piece that relies on an ethereal treatment with sounds and spoken word.  “Pull Me Out” brings guitars to the forefront while allowing the rhythm section of Aden Oxenreider (bass) and Moe Watson (drums) to control the ebb and flow of the song.  The deeper vocals blend with the guitars at the chorus and drive home the power of the track.  “So Very Divine” seems like an extension of the previous track stylistically, but stands on its own when listening to the songs.  The acoustic groove blending with the electric guitars underneath the bass and drums help this song stand out among the other songs on the disc.  The band chose to unplug and close the disc with “Pull Me Out (Acoustic),” creating an awesome one-two tandem with final two tracks.  Do yourself a favor and check out what Doc is doing these days and pick up a copy of this cool EP.

Tracklisting: Locked In – Promised Me The World – Do You Know Who I Am – The Wading Pool – Pull Me Out – So Very Divine – Pull Me Out (Acoustic)





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