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| 12 March 2016 | Reply


Label: Spinefarm Records

Release Date: March 4, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Reckless Love is one of those bands that has fought to keep the sound of the 80’s LA scene alive, yet mix it up with other genres, sounds, and textures – and with their latest, they took their game to the next level!  “We Are The Weekend” kicks this disc off and it does so with authority.  The heavy bottom end that chimes in is a cool contrast to the vocals and chugging guitars at the verse.  The song builds to an anthemic chorus that sets the tone for the rest of the tracks on this collection.  “Hands” opens with a tribal groove that builds in intensity as the verse morphs into a cool chorus that has a catchy vibe and gets the foot tapping and head banging.  The guitar pings and squeal on this track swirl a cool 80’s feel into the song.  “Child Of The Sun” is a different take on what Reckless Love has built a career around – rocking.  This song allows the band to channel their inner Backstreet Boy.  While different and not a total rocker, it is enjoyable.  “Scandinavian Girls” is another track that blends the rock and roll groove of the band with a pop / dance vibe and produces a killer track with lyrics that bring out the real fun in the track.  This song is one of the more infectious tracks on the disc.  “Rock It” draws rock influences and tosses them into a mix with an alt-metal vibe from the early 00’s.  The chorus is all rock, without getting too heavy.  The chugging riff throughout the track gives the song a solid foundation for the rap-like vocals.  “Keep It Up All Night” closes the disc and the song couldn’t be any more melodic or a cheesy throwback to 80’s rock.  Don’t get me wrong – these are a couple of my favorite genres of rock – I am a child of 80’s rock.  The guitars are great, the bass solid, the drums a cool blend of different styles, and the vocals are fun.  This is a great way to wind down this disc.

“Monster” is a more modern rocker with heavy undertones that accentuate the lyrical content.  The guitars are killer and twist the melody of the track, especially at the bridge.  The vibe of this track is different from others here, but fits right in.  “Bullettime” brings 80’s LA metal to the fore front with soaring vocals, searing guitars, and a chugging rhythm section that controls the flow of the track.  The chorus is catchy and suits the vibe of the track and helps buildout the feel of the disc overall.  “Pretty Boy Swagger” starts off like a club anthem, but soon delivers some of the best guitar solos on the disc.  The groove of the track is a cool mashup of rock, pop, and club without deviating from the sound of the band or disc.  “Destiny” is an awesome track that would have been a huge radio and MTV hit if it was released between 1984 and 1988.  The layered vocals at the chorus, the guitar solos and riff, and the awesome tempo controlled by the drums and bass come together like a perfect storm of rock and roll.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc in my opinion.  “Let’s Get Cracking” brings furious guitar work to the mix, along with heavier-handed drumming and pounding bass lines, but keeps true to the melodic rock groove the band has made its calling card over the years.  The driving cadence underneath the vocals helps this song rise above others on the disc.  Don’t think about skipping the throwback guitar solo at the bridge, unless you want to miss some of the best guitar work on the disc.  The acoustic gang vocals that close the track are a nice touch.  What’s the worst thing about this disc?  It is a digital only release – here’s hoping they put it out on disc soon.

​​Tracklisting: We Are The Weekend – Hands – Monster – Child Of The Sun – Bullettime – Scandinavian Girls – Pretty Boy Swagger – Rock It – Destiny – Let’s Get Cracking – Keep It Up All Night






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