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| 21 February 2021 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: February 12, 2021

Rating: 85%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

With a two year lapse between the last couple releases and a repeat of timing, we have been treated to another disc of rockers from Inglorious.  Disc opener “She Won’t Let You Go” cuts through all the hype and bullshit and delivers a rocker that has all the makings of a great track.  From Nathan James’ killer vocals to the guitars work that decorates the musical landscape to the heavy handed bass lines and drumming from the rhythm section, this song knocks down the door and takes no prisoners.  “Messiah” slows the pace and eases into the rock with a cool intro and a lead verse that features a fun riff, solid vocals, and a solid drum sound from Phil Beaver that keeps the song grounded without stealing its thunder.  The chorus is contagious and gets the foot tapping first pass through.  “Eye Of The Storm” has a slightly different vibe and groove than the previous tracks, but James’ vocals help tie the tracks together, as does the rhythm section anchored by bass lines from Vinnie Colla and some thunderous drums.  The chorus is cool and flows well between the verses and transitions.  “My Misery” gets back to the calculated method the band has used to construct most of the tracks on the disc.  This one features a smoldering vocal that rides atop a great piece of guitar work from the tandem of Danny De La Cruz and Dan Stevens and a paced hard hitting bottom end from the rhythm section.  “He Will Provide” is an interesting song that features some great drumming that grabs my attention each pass through.  The vocals and guitar work are what we have come to expect from the release.  The bridge and transition has a in interesting breakdown, compared to others on the disc.  Disc closer and title track “We Will Ride” brings a similar energy and sound as the opener, providing the perfect bookend for the collection.  While the cadence of the track is tempered and seems a bit sluggish, don’t mistake that for lack of power and sound.  The lead vocal on the chorus is one of the best on the disc.  The guitars are the perfect partner in the mix while the rhythm section anchors the track with precision and delicate power.

“Medusa” has a cool smoky blues guitar opening that morphs into a killer blues rock sound once the vocals and bottom end join the fray.  This song has a killer tempo that draws you in and the slide guitar sound adds depth and punch at the same time to this track that gets me more engaged with every listen.  This song is magic from open to close.  “Cruel Intentions” is a unfolds like a ballad, but soon we get a killer riff and fret work from Stevens and De La Cruz that is joined by a solid vocal from Nathan that has a cool layered feel at the chorus and helps build up the tracks sound and depth.  This chugging rocker will get the foot tapping and head banging.  This one was built to play live as the ebb and flow of sound and energy will engulf an audience.  “Do You Like It” comes racing at you with guitars blazing, vocals paced and calculated, and heavy handed drumming that fills the sound perfectly.  Be sure to hang out through the verses and chorus for a soaring guitar solo that takes over on the bridge and some vocal prowess from James’ upper register.  “We Will Meet Again” opens with a sound that has a subdued Deep Purple feel to me, but quickly shifts to another guitar laced rocker that was seemingly constructed to showcase the various ranges lead singer James can pull from.  The chorus is solid and is a perfect piece between the guitar parts and the verses.  Be sure to listen to the lower registers that grace the verses that lead into the upper pieces.  “God Of War” in the latter in a one-two punch of tracks designed for the vocals to leap from the track.  The band is solid and provides a great tapestry for Nathan to place his voice and vocal runs.  This disc is a cool piece of rock to help start off 2021 and will hopefully usher in some live shows from Inglorious to show off these tracks.

Tracklisting: She Won’t Let You Go – Messiah – Medusa – Eye Of The Storm – Cruel Intentions – My Misery – Do You Like It – He Will Provide – We Will Meet Again – God Of War – We Will Ride

Line-up: Nathan James (vocals) – Danny De La Cruz (guitar) – Dan Stevens (guitar) – Vinnie Colla (bass) – Phil Beaver (drums) – Rob Lindop (keyboard)






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