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CD REVIEW: ANNI PIPER – More Guitars Than Friends

| 3 March 2016 | Reply


Label: Sugar Daddy Records

Release Date: February 17, 2016

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There’s seems to be a run on blues lately, but it is really hard to lump the latest disc from Anni Piper into the blues column just because of the genre she is most aligned with.  This collection of tracks features tongue in cheek lyrics, a couple heartfelt blues tracks, and some cool rock-a-billy.  “Wonder Woman” opens the disc and this leans heavier into rock-a-billy than blues, allowing Piper’s vocals swirl around the track and add punch to the fun lyrics while her bass is prominent in the mix.  “Just A Little Bit” is another lyrical masterpiece that demonstrates how well Anni can take her music seriously without forgetting to add a little fun to music.  The guitar work on this track features some great blues licks.  “More Guitars Than Friends” is a full-blown blues track that twists a sexy groove into the song, thanks to Piper’s sultry delivery of the emotional lyrics wrapped together with the blues riffs of guitarist Dave Kury.  “Cold Pizza And Warm Beer” is another blues track that blends a soul vibe into the mix, along with a gravel-filled vocal from Anni that punctuates the song’s lyrics.  The drums from Frank Hetzler are steady and help anchor the track.  “I’m Lost Without You” brings a cool mix of soul, Latin, and swing to the mix.  This cover highlights the keyboards, bass, and guitars, but provides the perfect vehicle for Piper’s vocals, especially her sexy lower register.

“Buckle Bunny” is an upbeat track that keeps the energy on the disc dialed up, thanks to the cool honky-tonk sounding piano of Mike Franklin directing the track while strong bass lines, steady drums, and supporting guitars jump into the fray along with Piper’s voice.  “Paper Bag” was the track that caught my attention, thanks to its great groove and killer lyrics.  This fun song with soul overtones is a shining example of how a good song can shift into a great song thanks to the lyrics and their delivery, as well as killer sax work from Charlie de Chant.  “Shotgun Wedding” adds an island-like flair to the song and collection, while keeping a blues groove intact, thanks to Anni’s bass lines that run through and carry the bridge.  The lyrics are fun and the addition of the shotgun to the chorus is a nice touch.  “Eugene” is an awesome swirl of rock-a-billy and blues, with fun piano, cool lyrics, and classic guitars which are a nod to Chuck Berry according to Piper.  This up-tempo track helps take us to the country / blues track that closes the disc.  “Blackberry Brandy” is the most blues-driven lyrics and vocal on the track, with a lot of great piano and heavily country-influenced guitars in the mix.  The sound and flow of this track are as smooth as the titular referenced liquor…

​Tracklisting: Wonder Woman – Just A Little Bit – Buckle Bunny – More Guitars Than Friends – Paper Bag – Cold Pizza And Warm Beer – Shotgun Wedding – I’m Lost Without You – Eugene – Blackberry Brandy






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