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| 3 March 2016 | Reply


Label: Rodeostar / SPV Records

Release Date: February 26, 2016

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

What happens when you swirl together punk rock, modern radio metal, classic riffs, and some fun rock-a-billy?  You get the latest disc from Kitty In A Casket.  Disc opener “Sticks & Stones” kicks off with what sounds like a ukulele, but soon gets a rock guitar treatment and a cool punk rock tempo that carries the track through the verse and into an infectious sounding chorus.  The vocals are fun and match up well against the crunching guitars.  “Lurking In The Dark” comes ripping through the speakers at you with killer riffs and a furious tempo, played to perfection by the rhythm section of drummer Max van Angst and Tom Mooner on bass.  The swirl of guitars and keyboards fill the bridge and chorus.  “Of Cats & Demons” is a cool punk track with serious rock-a-billy overtones, highlighted by the twin guitar attack of Billy The Bat and Todd Flash.  The tempo is anchored by heavy handed bass lines and offsets the poppy vocals.  “Nightmare” is punk goodness from the first note and swirls in some pop-like vocals, laced with Kitty Casket’s sweet and sexy undertones.  The songs strength is its simple approach to rhythm, tempo, and melodies.  “Deep Black Underground” encompasses the bands horror themed lyrics and swirls them with a punk groove played with a modern rock attitude.  The vocals from Kitty are rich in tone and give the verse and chorus added depth.  “Black Skinny Jeans” is 100% rock-a-billy meets punk, from the opening riff to the final note.  The vocals give off a bit of attitude that is evenly matched by the pounding rhythm section and chugging riffs that run throughout the track.  Disc closer “Gone” is an acoustic gem that showcases Kitty’s vocals set against a beautiful unplugged guitar.  At the chorus, we witness a different singer with a softer delivery, albeit as emotional and driven as the other tracks on this disc.

“Bloodlust” slows the tempo down a bit and shifts to more of a power pop meets punk groove, with less poppy vocals and a catchy chorus that showcase Casket’s vocals that dance lightly over the musical accompaniment.  The aggressive vocal at the bridge adds punch to the song.  “Straight To Hell” unfolds like a sweet ballad, but as soon as the guitars kick in, you realize Kitty and crew don’t deliver the typical love song… or ode to fucking yourself, as in this case.  Mooner’s bass is strong on this track and sits nicely against the guitars.  “Feuer & Eis” is a great song that features great fretwork from Flash and Billy on the six-strings while the lyrics (in German) escape me.  The combination of a strong musical track paired with the vocals give this song an edgy feel.  “St. Tropez” has different styles coming together to create a track with a different feel, thanks to a smooth rock-a-billy groove woven into the songs musical accompaniment.  The vocals are a bit edgy and well suited to the lyrical content.  “Yeah Yeah Yeah” has a punk temperament married to a pop-tinged vocal that sits perfectly in the groove of the track.  The chorus lets Casket growl and push her vocal to the limits a bit without escaping the feel of the other tracks and disc.  “Red Sweet Red” is another song that really blurs the line between punk and rock-a-billy.  The tempo is all punk, but the groove of the guitars and sound of the vocals push into ‘billy’ territory.  The sweeter side of the vocals weaves a softer feel to the songs texture.

​Tracklisting: Sticks & Stones – Lurking In The Dark – Bloodlust – Of Cats & Demons – Straight To Hell – Nightmare – Feuer & Eis – Deep Black Underground – St. Tropez – Black Skinny Jeans – Yeah Yeah Yeah – Red Sweet Red – Gone






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