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| 1 March 2014 | Reply


Label: Strange Cargo/Manhattan Records

Release Date: March 4, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Having never seen an episode of the Showtime original series House Of Lies, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the first soundtrack from the series.  I am not sure what the premise is, but the music utilized on the disc certainly is mood driven.  “Bright Lights” from Gary Clark, Jr. kicks this off in the perfect direction.  The  guitar work is phenomenal and the vocals create a killer rock-blues atmosphere that allows the mind to wander while the foot taps away.  “Brains Out” from Kim Cesarion is reminiscent of Prince, if he were more club style.  The song jumps through the speakers and gets the body moving and looking for a dance floor.  The sounds of keyboards that accompany the rhythmic vocals of “Take Me Back” from Aloe Blacc give this song and disc yet another dimension, as no one track thus far is repetitive with regards to style or feel.  The jazz-filled atmosphere the oozes from Count Basie’s “Belly Roll” keeps the disc grounded and gives it a bit of added class.  This track, while varying from every other song on the soundtrack, seems right at home on this collection.  “It Always Comes Back Around” by Michael Kiwanuka wraps up this package and gives it another vibe and texture that seems to complete the mix presented.

“Midnight Sun” by Isaac Delusion adds a cool touch to the soundtrack with a club-inspired rhythm that keeps the foot tapping.  The song is more common of others on the disc, without seeming monotonous.  Thomas Dybdahl’s “This Love Is Here To Stay” and Basecamp’s “Smoke Filled Lungs” add a darker texture to the disc, without deviating from the pattern established by the other tracks.  The former has a darker sound to it that separates the track from others on the disc, while the latter pulls sounds and textures that help tie some of the other tracks together.  “Clean the House” from Fat Freddy’s Drop has a cool vibe to it that keeps the disc moving and adds a little soul to the mix.  The vocals are great and the tribal feel of the track makes this one stand out.  “Heartbreak” by The James Hunter Six is a great track that adds another dimension to the disc, keeping things light among the other moody or darker tracks.  Only “Illusions of Time ” from Kiko King & creativemaze seems out of place on this disc.  N*Grandjean’s “Shift to Reverse” is another odd track that dis a nice addition to the disc and seems cohesive and adds to the moody atmosphere of some of the earlier tracks.  This collection is impressive and has me ready to order the first two seasons on DVD as I type…

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