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| 17 February 2016 | Reply


Label: Pavement Entertainment

Release Date: February 12, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Melodic metal is a term that a covers a wide range of music these days, including the new release from Bristol, Connecticut’s Crossing Rubicon, although I think these guys fall more into a solid Rock category.  I prefer not to give them a sub-genre label – just Rock… well, Great Rock if you want a heading for the CD bin.  This ambitious 12-track effort brings a little bit of everything to the table to create a pleasing buffet of rock.  The disc kicks off with “Tomorrow Never Comes” and doesn’t look back.  The guitars come straight at you and help set the mood for the rest of the disc.  The lead vocals have a melodic feel to them, while the background vocals take on a heavier tone.  “Unhinged” is a killer track and hooked me from first listen.  The heavier bottom end of the song is counterbalanced by the vocals that offer different tones and textures.  I dare you to listen to this track more than once and not hum or sing the chorus long after the song is over.  The contrasting male and female vocals on the verse add depth to the track as well.  “The Fallen” is a mild rocker that brings the tempo and tone down during the first verse, but picks up at the chorus and provides nice shift of gears on the release.  This track allows Scott Anarchy’s vocals to shine through the verse and chorus.  “Cut Deep” brings more bottom end to the disc, as well as a darker mood in the lyrics and vocals.  The chugging rhythm section anchored by drummer Brandi Hood shine through the mix on this killer song.  “Violet Carson” opens with a tribal chant and droning bass line, but the song soon morphs into a cool rock track that brings a lot of classic sound to the mix.  Zach Lambert’s guitars on this track, providing a killer arrangement of different riffs and sounds that support the vocals and rhythm section.  “Do We Not Bleed” gets the foot going and the head banging from the first beats until the final note is played.  The bass lines are simple and help drive the song, while the drums control the tempo and the guitars accentuate the bridge.

“Never Again” is another catchy track that gives the disc a genuine one-two punch when coupled with “Unhinged.”  The guitar solos at the bridge are full and demonstrate the strength of the dual guitar set up this band offers.  The rhythm section controls the flow of the track perfectly.  “Bittersweet Day” kicks off with soaring guitars, whose intensity is equally matched by the heavy rhythm section of bass and Hood’s drums.  The vocals help carry the track through the verse and chorus, adding punch at the bridge.  “Who’s Gonna Save You” slows the tempo down without losing any of the intensity of the rest of the collection.  The guitars from Lambert create a chugging groove that benefits from pings, squeals, and solos.  The vocals are the perfect complement for this slower rock track.  “Reason To Beg” has a modern radio rock flavor to it that combines with a cool 80’s rock blend of guitars and vocals to create another great track that demonstrates the bands influences, while allowing them to show their own talents as players.  The lead vocals from Anarchy blend perfectly with the guitars and add a layer to the wall of sound these guys have cultivated on this track.  “I’m Here” is another song that blends a modern rock sound with a more classic groove.  The bottom end is sharp and punchy, while the guitars chug along through the verse and into the chorus.  At the different transitions and bridge, you will hear some of the best riffs that were played on this disc.  Closer “Return To Atlantis” wraps the disc up with a great song that brings together most of the high points from the collection and helps take this one out on a high note.  On this piece, the vocals swirl in the mix with the guitars while hovering just above the heavy-handed bass and steady drumming, creating a full rock sound that keeps you engaged and prompts you to take this disc for another spin.

​Tracklisting: Tomorrow Never Comes – Unhinged – Never Again – The Fallen – Bittersweet Day – Cut Deep – Who’s Gonna Save You – Violet Carson – Reason To Beg – Do We Not Bleed – I’m Here – Return To Atlantis






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