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| 18 August 2016 | Reply


Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: August 5, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Anders Manga’s latest Bloody Hammers release takes a step away from what he has done in the past, but not with any negative connotation.  The addition of Moog and a heavier twist to the lyrical content drives the mood and sound of this disc.  Disc opener “Bloodletting On The Kiss” has a simple sound that carries the song from open to close, with a droning bottom end and the addition of a piano line that adds depth to the songs groove.  The vocals are a bit ethereal at the verse, but gain in intensity on the chorus.  “Lights Come Alive” unfolds slowly over the first few seconds, but the song gains a bit of momentum and comes chugging once the rhythm section joins in and the vocals jump into the fray.  While darker in content, the music seems light in comparison and lends itself to become background music for almost any setting.  “Messalina” delivers a funk-filled bass line that takes this song in a different direction musically, adding an almost pop quotient to the collection of tracks.  The vocals are well suited to the music, offsetting the heavier rhythm section.  “Stoke The Fire” brings a morphed sound and groove to the track, with drums that seem faster and more driven than on other tracks, while the vocals anchor the songs vibe.  The guitars and bass work in tandem to help support the song while the keyboards accentuate the delivery of the song.  “Shadow Out Of Time” is a simple track that has some of the most emotionally driven vocals on the disc, taking this song to a different level, while the guitars, bass, and keyboards work together creating a musical tapestry for the lyrics.

“The Reaper Comes” brings a darker – almost sinister- sound to the disc.  The Moog and guitar work dancing in the mix and bridges seems to add another dimension to the song and disc overall.  Manga’s vocals are solid and lull you while the music drones on in the background of the track.  “Infinite Gaze To The Sun” is a straight ahead track that fits perfectly among the other tracks on the disc, with chugging riffs, solid cadence from the drums, vocals that are emotionally driven, and a heavy bottom end that helps depict the mood of the song.  “Ether” slows the groove and mood of the disc back down with a killer sound that mirrors some of the more dark moods of the disc and brings them together on one track.  The tempo of the song is mesmerizing, draws you in, and keeps you engaged without tricks and traps.  The one-two punch of the last couple tracks prompts you to pay attention and even restart the disc back at the beginning.  The urgency in “Astral Traveler” created by the drums and vocals carries over from the verse into the chorus and bridge.  The chorus is catchy while the musical accompaniment gets the head banging and foot tapping.  Disc closer “Catastrophe” is another bass driven track that benefits from a darker groove that brings a funky swagger to the mix.  The Moog punctuates the lighter feel of the guitars, which contrast the moodier bass and drums.  While different from other discs from the band, Anders has pulled together a solid collection of tracks that should please fans new and old.

Tracklisting: Bloodletting On The Kiss – Lights Come Alive – The Reaper Comes – Messalina – Infinite Gaze To The Sun – Stoke The Fire – Ether – Shadow Out Of Time – Astral Traveler – Catastrophe






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