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| 12 December 2015 | 1 Reply


Label: Republic Nashville

Release Date: June 9, 2015

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

While I dig listening to it if it is on, Southern Rock is one of those genres that I don’t necessarily seek out.  That might have changed thanks to a band that recently hit my radar – A Thousand Horses.  I saw these guys open for Darius Rucker recently; they blew me away during sound check and their short time on stage during the show.  During intermission, I ran to the merch table and picked up a copy of their disc and haven’t stopped listening to it.  “First Time” opens the disc and brings a cool Black Crowes vibe to the disc, but without sounding like a copycat.  The guitars and bass blend well and add punch to the track underneath the soul filled vocals.  “Heaven Is Close” kicks off like a modern country track full of acoustic guitars and twang, but soon the guitars increase their intensity and the drums deliver a little bit of rock to the track.  “Sunday Morning” is a bluesy track with cool accents from a steel guitar, giving the song a bit of edge underneath the full vocal sound compliments of Michael Hobby and a big background sound.  “Back To Me” sounds like other songs that can be heard on your various country stations these days, but the soulful vocals add depth to the song and breathe life into the melody, especially at the bridge and breakdown.

“Smoke” leans heavier to the Country and Southern side than it does rock, but this song is damn infectious and addictive.  The vocals from Hobby deliver on every level and draw you into the song’s lyrics and emotion.  “Tennessee Whiskey” is another country-infused track that marries different sounds and vibes to create a cool vibe.  The chorus is catchy and the tempo / cadence of the track get the foot tapping.  “Southernality” brings a cool guitar sound from Zach Brown and Bill Satcher that shows off their style and how well two guitarists can coexist and complement each other’s abilities.  The feel-good lyrics and vocals give the song personality.  “Landslide” is a track that opens with a different sound that supports the vocals, but soon the guitars join the fray and blend with a heavy bottom end, compliments of the drums and bass from Graham DeLoach.  This country-rock hybrid keeps the Southern Rock banner flying.  “Trailer Trashed” has a cool sound and feel that is different from the other songs on the disc, but fits right into the collection.  Written by bassist DeLoach, this is a fun party track that has an awesome vibe and features cool guitar solos throughout the song.

“Travelin’ Man” starts off with a cool harmonica line that swirls with the guitars and the song ramps up through the verse and into a full chorus that has a cool texture and sound, punctuated by drums from Chris Powell (who plays on the entire album).  “(This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial” is one of my favorite tracks on the collection.  The emotional groove of the vocals draws you in and drives you to really listen to the lyrics.  The smooth delivery of the track keeps this song straddling the line between country, rock, and ballad.  “Hell On My Heart” delivers across the board with cool guitar sound and riffs, steady rhythm from the bass and drums, and some of the strongest vocals on the disc.  The lyrics bring every relationship falling apart story to life, without bringing the song down.  Disc closer “Where I’m Going” is another ballad-like track that features a co-write from the Warren Brothers.  The vocals are spot on and well-match the musical track.  The guitars are solid and chug along nicely in the mix, giving the song a solid final track.  After listening to this disc on repeat for days, I keep wondering if I will tire of the sound and vibe delivered over the collections 46 minutes… I doubt it!  I think this one won’t be kept too far from the CD player.

​​​​​​​Tracklisting: First Time – Heaven Is Close – Smoke – Travelin’ Man – Tennessee Whiskey – Sunday Morning – Southernality – (This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial – Landslide – Back To Me – Trailer Trashed – Hell On My Heart – Where I’m Going






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