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CD REVIEW: ENTWINE – Chaotic Nation

| 24 September 2015 | Reply


Label: Spinefarm Records

Release Date: October 2, 2015

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Another day and another bands disc crosses my email.  This time it is Finnish band Entwine and these guys rock with a cool blend of different rock vibes and grooves that come together and deliver a killer sound.  Disc opener “End Of Silence” is a killer opening track that gives us a great glimpse into the rock quotient of the band and hopes for what is yet to come on the disc.  The vocals are strong and mix well with the guitars and keyboards.  “Saint Of Sorrow” is another really good rocker that comes straight at you with a heavy bass line that anchors the guitars and keeps the song flowing.  The vocals take on different textures between the verse, chorus, and bridge.  “Plastic World” blends in parts rock and pop, creating a catchy and anthemic groove that delivers a different feel that diverts from the sound of the disc, but without derailing the rock feel.  “Lost, But Still Alive” has a cool guitar and vocal duet at the intro that shifts after the first verse.  Mika Tauriainen’s vocals really capture the emotional content of the lyrics while guitar work from Tom Mikkola and Jaani add enough riffs, pings, and squeals to please any rocker.  “The Evil Lies In The Shadows” brings a modern flavor to the disc, with awesome guitars and a different vocal style.  The drumming from Aksu Hantuu gives us cool tempo changes and different fills that keep the song interesting.  The disc gets better and better with each song and each listen.

“Fortune Falls” brings a rocking symphonic feel to the opening and intro, but don’t skip the track yet.  The drums kick in during the verse and this song is off and running.  The tempo is killer and the guitars, keyboards, and vocals all work well together on arguably the best track on the disc.  “As We Arise” opens with a mellow guitar and vocals, delivering the discs first ballad, but as the songs chorus kicks in, the song takes on a cool vibe that builds through the bridge and gets heavier as the second verse drops in.  “Adrenalize” has a great sound that blends a mellow vocal with a steady rhythm section anchored by bassist Joni.  The chorus is poppy, contagious, and should come across well live.  “Revolt For Redemption” unfolds slowly, but soon revs up and gives us great fret work from the guitars that weave in and out of the songs fabric.  The vocals are tempered and paced, but they add to the songs overall feel and delivery.  Disc closer “Scream” is a moody rocker that brings all the different textures and dimensions of the disc together in one cool track.  The vocals are strong, while the chugging riffs support the groove of the song.  The rhythm section adds punch and keeps the tune moving while the keyboards swirl in the background.  The worst part of this disc is the fact that as of now, the only release in North America will be digital.  I guess it’s time to order something internationally – might as well pick up some of Entwine’s back catalog while I am at it… yes, this is that good!

​​​Tracklisting: End Of Silence – Saint Of Sorrow – Fortune Falls – Plastic World – As We Arise – Lost, But Still Alive – Adrenalize – The Evil Lies In The Shadows – Revolt For Redemption – Scream





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