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| 25 September 2015 | Reply

PromoImageLabel: AFM Records

Release Date: October 2, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I really dug the 2014 release from 21 Octayne, so I figured I would give their 2015 disc a shot, and I am glad I did!  Disc opener “Devil In Disguise” is a bit edgier and different than what I am used to from these guys, but it isn’t all that bad.  The chugging riffs and tempo grab your attention and keep you engaged from start to finish.  “Take Me Back” is a more straight forward rocker that wets the palate and gets me ready to rock.  The guitars are full and the drums pounding, along with vocals that are well suited to the musical accompaniment, especially at the chorus.  “Love’s Just A Heartbreak Away” features a great guitar riff from Marco Wriedt that opens the track.  The song builds from there, especially when the bluesy vocals of Hagen Grohe kick in and carry a bit of attitude.  “Lost” comes in softly and gives the disc a power ballad that rivals any the band has done previously.  The vocals are full and are perfect for the lyrics and feel of the track.  “Date With Myself” is a tongue-in-cheek track that has a chugging rhythm and paced tempo that sets this song apart from others on the disc, but doesn’t sound too far removed from the other tunes, especially when you hear the drumming from Alex Landenburg.

“When You Go” is a deeper track that leans toward ballad, but with power and attitude and without the typical acoustic guitar and keyboard mix.  The vocals are moody and perfectly deliver the emotion of the lyrics.  “Take Me Away” is an impressive song that gives the guitars and drums a bit of room to run before the vocals jump into the fray and stomp all over the backtrack with a wall of sound feel.  “The Circle” brings a funky bass line and killer bottom end to the song and disc, while the guitars and vocals dancing across the track, giving this one a cool vibe.  This is one of the more diverse tracks on the disc, but it works within the spectrum of this collection.  “Fly With Me” sounds unlike anything else on the disc, yet sounds exactly like everything else on the disc.  The straight ahead approach to the track, despite the heavier bottom end, gives this song added punch and the disc more depth.  The lead vocal on this track sounds eerily like Extreme/Hurtsmile vocalist Gary Cherone, and that’s not a bad thing on this prog-like song.  Disc closer “Tale Of A Broken Child” is a lengthy composition that strays from the path set forth by the rest of the disc, leaning heavily on prog rock styling and losing the typical rock feel of the other songs on this disc.

​​​​Tracklisting: Devil In Disguise – Take Me Back – When You Go – Love’s Just A Heartbreak Away – Take Me Away – Lost – The Circle – Date With Myself – Fly With Me – Tale Of A Broken Child





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