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| 18 August 2015 | Reply


Label: Steelhammer / SPV Records

Release Date: September 4, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest installment from Eat The Gun ran across my email and I am glad I was able to slow it down long enough to grab a few spins and check out the eleven rocking tracks on this disc.  Disc opener and title track “Howlinwood” kicks the disc off with some cool guitar riffs that have just enough fuzz and punk punch to keep the song flowing and the interesting.  The rhythm section kicks in and the tempo is steady and strong, giving this collection a strong start.  “Falling” is rock with a cool punk flavor that permeates the songs verse and chorus, as well as the playing from the trio.  Guitarist/vocalist Hendrik Wipperman leads the charge with good vocals and consistent guitar playing.  “Blood On your Hands” is a solid track that allows the drums and bass to shine a bit underneath the guitars and vocals.  Gereon “Gerry” Homann keeps time and gives the song depth from behind the drum kit.  “Take It Away” is a drums, bass, and guitar frenzy used to support aggressive vocals.  The steady drone of the bass from Peter Bergmüller carries the track from start to finish and keeps the song from running away.  “Unforgotten” opens like a Linkin Park or  Korn track, but soon shifts gears and fits within the pattern of rock and punk that has cut by the previous tracks on the effort.  The chorus has a cool modern rock edge that helps segregate this track from others. “The Drudge” limps along, but features cool vocals.  The song seems to be looking for an identity, as compared to the other songs on the disc.

“How Does It Feel” starts off like a ballad, rock, and punk fusion track, but soon comes alive when the verse morphs into a catchy chorus that is guitar driven, while the rhythm section anchors the speed and emotion of the track.  “Old Friend” is another song that seems to pull from different sounds and textures, but brings them together in a cool blend.  The vocals are emotionally charged and give the tune a different edge and feel than some of the other songs on the disc.  “Electric Life” bring s funk-filled bottom end track to the disc that gives this collection a different vibe and sound than just a straight rock disc.  Tenacious D member John Konesky adds a bit of punch to the track.  “Trouble Magnetic” has a cool riff woven throughout it that seems to lead the direction, as well as the mood of the song.  This pop/punk/rock vibe has a cool Social Distortion feel that has been tweaked and updated to fit the bands typical sound.  “Anger” brings the disc to a close with an acoustically driven song that blends a cool tempo and vibe with some killer guitar work.  The songs simplicity adds to its strength, especially when the vocals kick in at the chorus.

Tracklisting: Howlinwood – Falling – How Does It Feel – Blood On your Hands – Old Friend – Take It Away – Electric Life – Unforgotten – Trouble Magnetic – The Drudge – Anger





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