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| 20 August 2015 | Reply


Label: Long Run Records

Release Date: August 28, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The guys in Bridge To Grace are releasing their first full length album, and this thing is ambitious, clocking in at over an hour, featuring seventeen tracks full of rock.  “Take It All” kicks the disc off with a cool modern rock radio sound that should help launch the disc and grab the attention of anyone willing to listen to the track.  “Lost In Memories” brings more rock, but with a heavier tone and bottom end.  The vocals bring out the darker vibe of the track, without drowning the song.  “Bitch” has a musical accompaniment that matches the temperament of the lyrics.  The heavy bottom end, combined with the moodier guitars and vocals take this song down a slightly darker path.  “All I Want To Be” has a catchy riff and permeates the rest of the track and gives this track a familiar feel and vibe, making it listener friendly and infectious, especially at the chorus.  “Staring In The Dark” opens with a melancholy vocal and guitar, but soon shifts gears and gives us a wall of sound in the form of a killer chorus with full background accompaniment.

“Everything” starts off a bit mellower, but the guitar work and vocals blend well to create a great atmosphere that swirls a cool vibe that shifts to a rock groove at the choruses and bridge.  “Weapon” starts off with killer drums and guitars coming together giving a great rock sound that is enhanced once the vocals kicks in and give life to the lyrics, especially at the chorus.  “Wasting My Time” is another mellower track on the disc that combines different facets of the bands abilities and sound and harnesses them in a way that showcases the strength of the vocals.  “The Fold” is a bit of everything on this disc swirled into one track.  The heavier bottom end, set against lighter guitar work that gets more aggressive as the vocals intensify, give this a different feel.  “Won’t Let Go” brings a different tone and flavor to the disc, although the vocals, guitars, drums, and bass are all recognizable from other songs.  The combination of different textures helps this song stand out among the other tracks on the disc – beware this power ballad!  “City Of Angels” brings a driving beat, supported with catchy lyrics and searing vocals that accentuate the lyrics and drive the track through the verses and choruses.  “Adrenaline”  is a charging track full of chunky riffs and a heavier rhythm section and vocals.  The songs strengths are the simple rhythm, tempo, and cool vocals at the verse.

“Left Inside” is a great track that weaves a mainstream rock feel into the disc, with solid vocals and chugging guitars, blending with a rhythm section that anchors the track and keeps the tempo moving.  “No Lies” is built for both the airwaves and a live setting.  The chugging guitars, the pounding drums, and strong vocals, combined with a catchy chorus and you have rock gold.  “Mercury” brings a tribal feel to the disc, compliments of a great drum line that is supported by a strong bass and guitar mix.  The vocals are rhythmic and keep the feel of the track raw and fun.  “Say What You Want” brings a crazy pacing to the table, but it works within the confines of this collection.  The vocals and guitars mesh well to create a familiar feel, but are set apart when the vocals kick in a bit of extra attitude at times.  Disc closer “Until The World Ends” closes the disc on a softer note that gives us one more look at the mellower side of the band, with some piano tossed in for good measure.  The vocals on this track are some of the best on the disc.

Tracklisting: Take It All – Lost In Memories – Everything – Left Inside – Weapon – Bitch – Wasting My Time – No Lies – The Fold – All I Want To Be – Won’t Let Go – Mercury – City Of Angels – Staring In The Dark – Adrenaline – Say What You Want – Until The World Ends






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