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Label: Frontiers Music

Release Date: May 19, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I love when a band that I have dug from day one puts out consistently great albums, one after another.  The latest from Nelson is another in a chain of great releases from these guys.  “Hello Everybody” opens with a poppy syrupy sound that takes on hints of a rock vibe, espeically when the guitars kick in full throttle on the second verse.  What a reintroduction to Nelson 25 years after their debut.  ” Back In The Day” keeps the rock groove moving and intact.  The full vocals are accompanied by heavy percussion and a solid bass line that anchors the track from open to close.  “Let It Ride” opens casually with bass and guitar leading the sound, but soon the vocals kick in and the song takes on a power pop feel, without getting too mellow or sweet.  “On The Bright Side” is the first power ballad on the disc, but it fits into the framework established by the earlier tracks. The vocals are emotional and give the song a kick at the chorus.  “Autograph” is a chugging rocker that gets the blood pumping and the foot tapping from the first note and doesn’t let up.  The rhythm section helps drive this track.  “You And Me” is another rocker that features searing leads and a heavy bottom end that are strengthened when the edgy vocals kick in and carry this track through the choruses and bridge.

“Invincible” has a cool edge to it that gives us a different look at the music on this disc.  This track is more guitar driven than some of the others, with chugging riffs leading the charge.  The vocals are full and anthemic at the chorus, giving the disc a certified melodic rock track.  “I Wanna Stay Home” features cool guitar work and vocals that cut like a knife.  The heavier feel at the verse turns the song around and gives it a different feel than others on the disc.  This is a new, edgier Nelson, at it rocks.  Speaking of rocks, the lead single “Rockstar” is one of the heaviest rock tracks these guys have done, and they do it well.  I would love to hear more like this from these guys.  The attitude in the music is enhanced when the vocals kick in.  If you ever doubted the rock quotient in this bands music, check out this track first!  “What’s Not To Love?” is a simple rocker that gives the disc a different texture while staying true to teh Nelson sound and formula.  The harmonies on the verse bulks the song up and the guitar work keeps the mood fun.  “Bad For You” is opens like a power ballad that benefits from a heavy rhythm section, but soon morphs into a hard court press track, with big vocals, bigger riffs, and heavy drums.  “Leave The Light On For Me” is the most diverse track on the disc, featuring vocals that seem more Southern than rock.  The guitars are simple, while the bass and drums keep time in the background.

Tracklisting: Hello Everybody – Back In The Day – Invincible – Let It Ride – I Wanna Stay Home – On The Bright Side – Rockstar – Autograph – What’s Not To Love? – You And Me – Bad For You – Leave The Light On For Me





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