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LIVE: JESUS JONES, Perth, Western Australia – 15 March, 2015

| 26 March 2015 | Reply

LIVE: JESUS JONES, Perth, Western Australia – 15 March, 2015
Jesus Jones, The Rosemount Hotel, Perth, Western Australia
Sunday, 15 March, 2015
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
Photography by Maree King

Once upon a time the very idea of a hybrid of electronic dance and rock music was ridiculous, but few bands did so much to further the concept than Wiltshire-based Jesus Jones.

Playing the entire Doubt album – their zeitgeist-riding UK #1/US #25 album of 1991 – in order, the band dispelled any thought that the proliferation of samples and loops would dampen the intensity of the rock n’ roll show or their spontaneous energy. Guitars like razors slashed and tore, drums boomed with tribal intensity, and the front line all leapt about thrusting guitars like weapons in a feudal melee. Crucially, if you take the electronics away you’re left with a damned fine, tight and energetic rock band – the songs are dynamite and that’s where their core appeal lies.


Jesus Jones LIVE Perth 15 March 2015 by Maree King for 100 PERCENT ROCK (2)

Playing an album from start to finish – even one as spot on the times and beloved as Doubt – inevitably results in a different kind of ebb and flow of dynamics than a more traditional set. In this case their two biggest hits – International Bright Young Thing and Right Here, Right Now – are dealt with early in the night. It helps break the ice and front of stage quickly became an odd mixture of those throwing rock shapes, those dancing rave style, and those content to bop their heads along to the sound of their fondly-remembered glory days.

Chief songwriter, guitarist and singer Mike Edwards focussed mostly on the music, but stopped Welcome Back Victoria three quarters through to pose with guitarist Jerry de Borg for a photo from a crowd member. Within seconds the whole band downed tools and crowded round as Edwards quipped with the audience and joked, ‘c’mon – it’s not like we’ve got anything else to do, right?!?’ It’s a nicely humanising touch.

Iain Baker bounced and looned around the stage like Happy Monday’s Bez in between controlling his keyboards, looking a little lost during the couple of songs which require little input from his tech, but he was completely in his element on Nothing To Hold Me, where he half speaks/sings with Edwards, and making dance floor wiggery on Are you Satisfied.

The whole band seem to have weathered the course of time using some kind of electromagic, with Edwards quipping that they all have portraits, a la Dorian Gray, in their attics.

Stripped – one of the few flat spots on Doubt – gets the most transformative makeover, turning into a rock/dubstep morph, ‘so you don’t think it’s unlistenable rubbish,’ explains Edwards.

Following the triumphant re-reading of Doubt, Jesus Jones run through some favourites from their other albums, focussing on the more obscure album tracks and their pre-Doubt first record Liquidizer.

The quaintly prescient subject matter (the internet did seem a bit sci fi in ’93!) Zeroes & Ones, Move Mountains, Never Enough and What Would You Know all follow in quick succession before the intense Idiot Stare (‘from probably our favourite album’ Perverse) closes out the show.

A sweaty encore of Someone To Blame and Info Freako – both from their debut – finish the night off, and as frenetic as these two oldies are, the absence of a big, instantly recognisable hit that everyone recognised (their third biggest hit, The Devil You Know, was strangely absent on the night) meant the ending had a slight anti-climactic feel to it, but that’s small potatoes after such a great gig.

Set List:
Trust Me
Who, Where, Why?
International Bright Young Thing
I’m Burning
Right Here, Right Now
Nothing to Hold Me
Real, Real, Real
Welcome Back Victoria
Are You Satisfied?
Two and Two
Bring It on Down
Zeroes and Ones
Move Mountains
The Real World
Never Enough
What Would You Know?
Idiot Stare

Someone To Blame
Info Freako

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