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| 11 November 2014 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Release Date: November 10, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There are a lot of bands out there that try to capture the magic and sound of the 1980’s and early 1990’s metal scene.  Few nail it,m but the latest from Crazy Lixx gets pretty close.  “Hell Raising Women” kicks the disc off with big riffs and a solid rhythm section that is soon joined by vocals that take a page right from the Skid Row playbook.  The song chugs through pings and squeals while mixing the vocals and rest of the band in.  “Sound Of The Loud Minority” is more of the same mixture with a heavier bottom end and guitars that allow the rest of the band to be heard, especially during the verses.  “Girl’s Of The 80’s” sound exactly as you might expect with that title.  The twin guitar attack fills the voids with great riffs and solos while the drums and bass keep the song anchored.  The anthemic chorus is pumped up by the layered background vocals.  “All Looks, No Hooks” is another track that features a heavy bottom end from drummer Joél Cirera and bassist Jens Sjöholm.  The song is well anchored, but still tries to take off at times, especially at the pre-chorus.  “Call To Action” is a fun track that builds itself around a chorus full of lofty lead and background vocals as well as cool riffs and solos that accentuate the song at the bridge.  “Psycho City” has a cool groove that builds from the opening chant vocals through the steady verse and into the pre-chorus and chorus, which has a cool fist pumping lyric.

“Outlaw” gives the bassist a bit of room to run underneath the rest of the mix, while the vocals take over the verses and the chorus.  This track gives the song a soaring chorus that, while mid-tempo, rocks as hard as anything else on the disc.  “I Missed The Mark” is no frills rock from the first note to the last, but some of the 80’s nuances that fill the song are cool drum fills and cymbal play, as well as the big choruses and vocals that test the range of Danny Rexon.  “Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll” is a great track that mixes the familiar sounds of the Sunset Strip with modern rock and picks up the tempo.  This song gives us a glimpse of the bands talent and grasp of the genre’s history.  This one mixes everything the band has done well on this disc.  “Heroes Are Forever” is cliche rock, but it works in the confines of this collection.  The song takes off and gives guitarits Andy Zata and Edd Liam room to run and let their talents shine through subtle runs and guitar lines that permeate the track.  You will hear new guitar bits every time you revisit this song.  “Wrecking Ball Crew” closes the disc with a heavy bass line, pounding drums, and fret work that is some of the best on the disc.  This song is one of the best on the disc and makes you reach for the play button to restart this disc from the top once the songs finals notes are played.





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