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CD REVIEW: BIG ENGINE – Shot Like A Rocket

| 21 August 2014 | Reply


Label: Pavement Entertainment, Inc.

Release Date: August 19, 2014

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There seems to be a run on really good releases from bands that have eluded my radar to date.  The latest from Big Engine is one such record.  “Party Like A Rock Star” opens the disc with a chugging riff and a cool rock vibe that gains momentum when the vocals kick in.  The chorus is fun and adds to the song.  “Shake That Thing” keeps the party groove rolling and gives the disc back to back rock tracks that feature cool guitars that mix well with a heavy rhythm section.  “That Girl’s A Freak” is another solid rock song that benefits from guitar riffs and leads that compliment a chorus that is made for the stage – this track should go over well live.  “Turn It On” has vocals that run the range from heavy gravel to smooth rock, as well as guitars that carry the track from first note to last.  “Not Your Fool” is a ballad that has a great acoustic guitar line underneath the vocals, but doesn’t seem to fit the mold of the other rock tracks on the disc.  “No Money” has a cool bass line that pounds from open to close, as well as solid drumming that accentuates the bass and guitars.  “Nice Sass” is a cool ballad-type track that seems to have a country slant to it as well as a cool play on words and enunciation.  This is the first slow tempo track that seemed to incorporate the bands strengths.

“Call Me For A Good Time” comes along and delivers a heavy bass line that anchors this track and gives the disc a solid anchor in heavy rock, without the trappings of heavy metal.  “Sister Mary” is a slow tempo track that strips back the chugging riffs and the heavy rhythm section hoping for a ballad-like track that seems to miss the mark.  “I’m Ready – Let’s Go” has a cool intro that gives the drummer a few moments to beat the hell out of his kit, but soon morphs into a chugging rock track that keeps the disc moving forward.  A heavy bass line and vocals open the title track “Shot Like A Rocket” and give the disc an injection of hard rock that seems to have escaped it on other tracks.  The guitar solos and leads during the chorus and bridge make this track worth listening to.  “Burn It Down” opens with a great guitar part that builds into a solid series of licks, riffs, and solos.  The vocals come together with the guitars an rhythm section to create another really good rock track that gets the foot going and the head banging.  “Make Your Move” brings a heavy opening that continues through the track and gives the bass and drums a little room to run while the guitars underneath the track give the song depth.  Disc closer “No More Time” ends on a mellow note that gives a bit of pop twist to the rock band, and even features what sounds like some slide guitar throughout the song.

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