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| 13 June 2014 | Reply

Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Sebastian Bach - Give 'Em Hell cover

The former Skid Row singer has seemed determined to subvert his legacy with his former band through his past few solo albums, often substituting heaviness and screaming for melody and singing. That might work for ‘the kids’ nowadays, but it doesn’t cut it so much with an old dog like myself.

I daresay Give ‘Em Hell will be remembered as the point where Bach reclaimed his solo career and stopped fighting his past.

This album plays directly to Bach’s strengths (rather than downplaying them for fear of association with his past), kickin’ out the jams from the start with the raucous Hell Inside My Head and the Skids-with-a-touch-of-Ozzy Harmony.

Temptation is a good value rocker with a slower groove and a hook that’ll sink in deep straight away, and Dominator is a riff driven rocker mining Alice Cooper’s territory for inspiration. Check out the video for Temptation here, complete with buxom babes and Duff McKagan on bass.

Had Enough shows that Seb can still nail the old power ballad, while Gun To A Knife Fight sees him in a brawling mood and would have sat pretty on either of the first two Skid Row albums.

Rock n’ Roll Is A Vicious Game takes Bach down a country rock path that starts with Bad Company’s Shooting Star and aims, perhaps, for some of the country rock glory that Bret Michael has been reaping rewards (from mostly recycled glories) for years. Bach nails it like he was born to it – it seems well past time he was doing this.

Taking Back Tomorrow (after a string of album titles with Back/Bach in them, we should be thankful he didn’t use this one) is indicative of his solo work – only more melodic, more instant – BETTER.

Penultimate track Disengaged throws a bone to the headbangers in style, with some Judas Priest-like riffing and again Bach is singing like a champion, before wrapping up with some vocal gymnastics on Forget You.

Give ‘Em Hell is Bach at his solo best, singing his lungs out and giving us ample melody so that we can sing along.

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