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| 12 June 2014 | Reply


Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: May 27, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Historical rock isn’t a genre you will find online or at your local record shop, but it is certainly appropriate for a band like Sabaton, who creates discs full of tracks regarding war and history.  “Night Witches” kicks off their latest disc, with more of the great tracks this band is known for.  The tribal drums and chanting takes you by storm from the opening and doesn’t let up until the song runs its three minute course.  “No Bullets Fly” is another track that comes screaming out of the gate and really accentuates Joakim’s vocals while allowing this band to do what they do best, with a twin guitar attack.  “Inmate 4859” is a deep track that covers the topic of Auschwitz.  The music is as menacing and moody as the topic, all the while giving a voice and sound to the heroes that were committed in this track.  “The Ballad Of Bull” is an unorthodox style track fro this band.  The piano led song is given an edge by the lead vocals that cut through the beauty of the instrumentation underneath.  “Soldier Of 3 Armies” comes out swinging and adds stability to the disc with its consistent groove and music that drive the track.

“Smoking Snakes” features a full rhythm section highlighted by killer drums and a ferocious bass line.  The song chugs and marches from opening note to closing, all the while giving you a metal track to tap your foot to.  “To Hell And Back” starts off with a different sound, almost Celtic, but soon becomes a galloping track that allows the guitarists to play their hearts out, especially the lead during the bridge, while carrying the track.  “Resist and Bite” brings a cool guitar sound to the disc more reminiscent of other bands than this bands catalog, but if you aren’t growing in rock music, you might as well check out.  The pacing of this track is different, as is the vibe created by the heavy tones during the verse.  “Far From The Fame” opens with a cool drum fill and morphs into another heavy track that covers the range of songs on this disc.  The heavy rhythm section, the soaring guitars, and the strong vocals come together and give the disc a great track near the close.  Hearts Of Iron” has some cool tempo shifts and sonic changes that make this song slightly different at times from others on the disc, showing the bands ability to combine the new with the old and still give their fans what they have been looking for.

Category: CD Reviews

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