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Label: INgrooves

Release Date: May 19, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Side and second projects can be a great outlet for some artists.  Rubicon Cross features Firehouse’s CJ Snare and Furyon’s Chris Green.  “Locked & Loaded” is self-explanatory.  This track features full riffs, killer drumming, and the vocals we have come to expect from CJ.  This track rocks from open to close.  “Next Worst Enemy” follows and turns up the energy and attitude of the disc with a killer guitar attack from Green and Jeff Lerman.  The rhythm section keeps this song flowing.  “Save Me Within” harkens back to other ballads from other projects these artists are involved in.  The song gets a cool acoustic treatment if you spring for the deluxe edition.  “Moving On” also gives the band a few moments to dial down the tempo without dialing down the attitude.  Snare’s vocals are stronger on this track than most others and he really mixes it up when the band kicks in with its heavy playing.  Keeping with a cool ballad approach combined with soaring riffs, “Shine” comes along and gives the band a track that is guaranteed to raise lighters and cellphones when performed live.

“Bleed With Me” is heavier than most anything Snare has been associated with, and his vocals fit the track nicely.  The obvious comparisons to Firehouse due to his voice stop as soon as you really listen to the disc and the heavier groove created by the musicians around the vocals.  “You Will Remember Me” is an uptempo rocker that is anchored nicely by Robert Behnke’s thunderous drums and Simon Farmery’s pounding bass lines.  “R U Angry” has fun with the arrangement and gives the listener a little bit of everything from acoustic guitars and ballad intro to balls out rocker at the verse and chorus, including some killer riffs and solos.  “Kill Or Be Killed” is a heavier track that really gives Snare a chance to growl a bit and show us his grittier side, while letting his voice trip back into familiar territory.  The song is tempo driven and really gives us another look at the bands diverse make-up.  “All The Little Things” opens with a great guitar riff that helps the song morph into a cool uptempo rocker that is reminiscent of a lot of 80’s rockers, with a hit of punk thrown in for good measure.  We can only hope this project takes off so that the music loving public can be exposed to this band live and more music in the future.

Category: CD Reviews

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