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CD REVIEW: BelzebonG – Dungeon Vultures EP

| 6 May 2014 | Reply

CD REVIEW: BelzebonG – Dungeon Vultures  EP
Reviewed by Shayne McGowan

BelzebonG - Dungeon Vultures EP cover

After releasing their debut album “Sonic Scapes and Weedy Groves” in 2011, Polish stoner/doom metal band BelzebonG have finally followed it up with the Dungeon Vultures EP.

This EP is more of a single, featuring only one fourteen minute track, unsurprisingly called Dungeon Vultures. Being that it’s only a single track, there’s actually not a lot that I can say about this.

The ability of BelzebonG to hold my attention for fourteen minutes of heavy, sludgy, doom influenced riffs is commendable. With not a vocal in sight, other than a couple of quotes bookending the song, which I’m assuming are original rather than borrowed from elsewhere (but I could be wrong on that), it’s the sort of thing that would normally bore me.

Dungeon Vultures manages to keep it interesting though. There is always something going on just below the surface, and I’m hearing some new element on every repeated listen. Simply put, it’s good!

It’s not going to be everybody’s thing, in fact, this will really only appeal to a small minority. People who are in to bands like Weedeater and Bongzilla will eat this up. It has definitely got my interest and I’m really only a casual observer to the stoner/doom genre of metal.

I look forward to an eventual new full length album from BelzebonG.

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