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Shane’s Music Challenge: THE DOORS – 1971 – L.A. Woman

| 2 April 2014 | Reply

THE DOORS – 1971 – L.A. Woman


The Doors - L A Woman cover

If you don’t know The Doors’ story, then you’ve no business reading this to start with. Suffice to say they were as disparate a band of musical brothers as rock n’ roll ever brought together, and the music they produced by magic and frisson and fire and chaos lives on, relevant, to this day – and likely forever.

The L.A. Woman album balances their madness well – Ray Manzarek’s brooding keyboards dominate the title track and Riders On The Storm. Robby Krieger’s jazzy blues guitar is all over Love Her Madly and L’America. John Densmore stamps his Ringo Starr-esque backbeat all over the whole album.

And Jim Morrison, well – we get to see both sides of him, here. There’s the poet, crooning words on L’America, Hyacinth House and The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)… and there’s the lord of chaos, the perpetually out of it wastrel starting fires and breaking shit for his own belligerent enjoyment on The Changeling and Been Down So Long (“I’ve been down so very damn long, that it looks like up to me”)

L.A. Woman was a fantastic return to form for the band, but Morrison was still conflicted by his demons, and after only two abortive shows to tour the album, would retire from live performances and die in Paris just three months after the album’s release (ironically, NOT with an L.A. Woman, but Pamela Courson, originally from Weed, California, which may have been more fitting, in a way) from a heart attack or heroin overdose, or several other minor conspiracy theories – including the possibility that he didn’t die at all, but did an ‘Eddie & The Cruisers’ and vanished into anonymity.

It’s pretty unlikely, but if he is still out there, I bet he’s pretty proud of L.A. Woman.

By Shane Pinnegar


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