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Shane’s Rock Challenge: KIX – 1985 – Midnite Dynamite

| 11 April 2014 | Reply

Shane’s Music Challenge: KIX – 1985 – Midnite Dynamite

Kix - Midnite Dynamite cover

Kix were one of the many B or even C grade bands caught up in the hair metal explosion. Hailing from Maryland, they barely made a ripple on this side of the big wet divide, but they were hip enough in America to sell a bunch of records, bother the top 100 a few times, and still be playing gigs here and there even now.

In fact I saw them at the Rocklahoma Festival in 2009 and they were a good watch in 40°C heat, soldiering on when less hardy types would have thrown in the towel. Singer Steve Whiteman almost keeled over on the day, drenched in sweat, but plenty of cold water kept him belting out the sub-hits in fine fashion, and earned a large amount of respect from me. Hell, we were flaking just standing in the sun, he was running around like a dervish!

Midnite Dynamite is kinda the same, in that they know they’re not the latest biggest bestest thing, but they do a great twist on the AC/D C-meets-hair metal thing – think a US Def Leppard. Despite having Beau Hill on board as producer here, though, they never had a Mutt Lange to give them songwriting lessons or use them to define a New Sound .

Still, dig on the title track, the sleazy hard rock of Bang Bang (Balls Of Fire) and Cold Shower, and the hotroddin’ Layin’ Rubber. But can anyone tell me what ‘Lie Like A Rug’ actually means?

By Shane Pinnegar

Category: Shane's Rock Challenge

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