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Label: earMUSIC

Release Date: May 26, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

One of the best bands that never hit their stride in the US back in the 80’s and early 90’s is Thunder.  They return in 2015 with one of the bluesiest rockers to drop in a while.  Disc opener “Wonder Days” has that familiar Thunder guitar sound and when the vocals kick in, you know you are in for a killer ride back through the ‘Wonder Days’ of rock.  The rhythm section anchors the track and keeps it blues-infused.  “The Thing I Want” is more of a showstopper with its driving tempo and killer guitar licks from Luke Morley.  Danny Bowes’ vocals are as strong and rich as they were back in the day.  “Black Water” has one of the sexiest grooves on the disc, with a killer hip-shaking tempo, syrupy smooth lead and lush background vocals, and chugging guitars that would put anyone in ‘the mood.’  “Resurrection Day” brings a feel good groove to the table and maintains a great vibe from opening note to the final chord.  This is one of the poppier tracks on the disc, but it works.  “Broken” opens with a cool piano intro that morphs throughout the song, while the vocals anchor the emotion and feel of the track.  This ballad is the perfect addition to the other tracks on the disc to demonstrate the strength of this band, regardless of how rock or soft they play.  Disc closer “I Love The Weekend” rocks out with a cool Zeppelin-esque sound that has cool blues accents that dance perfectly with the rock vibe, giving the collection a killer closer that features a blistering solo that is not to be missed.

“The Rain” slows things down a bit, but it fits within the scope of this collection.  The vocals kill during the chorus and bridge, while the combination of different acoustic stringed instruments sets the mood for the track.  “The Prophet” comes charging out of the gate with killer support from Chris Childs’ pounding bass lines and the solid timekeeping from the drummer Harry James.  The guitar work is great on this track and really stands out at the bridge.  “Chasing Shadows” is a funky track that has a great bass line woven into the musical accompaniment.  The vocals tackle the groove head on and add a cool smoky vibe to the song.  “When The Music Played” is another rocker with a blues backbone.  The core of this track is carried by the drums and bass, but when the guitars and vocals crank it up, there is no denying the power of this song.  Riding the blues feel into a mellow track, “Serpentine” has a swampy groove that shifts between blues and rock between verses.  Don’t drive to this track… you just may find the accelerator being pushed to the floor as the tempo and groove of this track speed off.

Tracklisting: Wonder Days – The Thing I Want – The Rain – Black Water – The Prophet – Resurrection Day – Chasing Shadows – Broken – When The Music Played – Serpentine – I Love The Weekend





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