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LIVE REVIEW: Suzanne Vega, Perth, 11 April 2014

| 16 April 2014 | 1 Reply

LIVE REVIEW: Suzanne Vega, Perth, 11 April 2014
The Astor Theatre, Perth, Western Australia
Friday 11 April 2014
Reviewed by Trulie Pinnegar
Photography by Shane Pinnegar

LIVE Suzanne Vega, Perth, 11 April 2014 by Shane Pinnegar  (14)

Listening to Suzanne Vega’s 1990 compilation album Tried And True in the days before this show, reminds oneself of the Vega appeal, her ethereal tone – whether pop or acoustic.

When Vega opens the first show of her Australian tour with Marlene On The Wall it is etherealness personified – theatrically donned top hat and all.

A simple duet format is what Suz presents the packed theatre with tonight – she on acoustic guitar and her wing man, the mighty Jerry Leonard on electric guitar – the audience soon sees that what that man can do with six strings and a couple of pedals is phenomenal. Some songs are just Leonard accompanied by Vega’s voice and clicking fingers, but the audience doesn’t miss out as her haunting words cut like a knife through butter – meltingly awesome.

Vega seems humbled by the audience’s appreciation, engaging early with them as she describes songs from her new album, Tales From The Realm Of The Queen of Pentacles, stating after her first introduction, ‘well that is way more info than you need – this song is quite short!’ – a comedienne at heart.

By Jacob & The Angel it already feels like the evening is being spent with the most captivating storyteller. From the etiquette of how to acknowledge your like for Leonard Cohen (‘yes, but only in certain moods’), through describing the fear of waiting to see the doctor (Blood Makes Noise), The Astor Theatre is the perfect venue for this simple yet theatrical spectacle.

And understandably, the hauntingly poignant Luka passes without the need for any introduction or explanation.

As Vega and Leonard deliver a four song encore, the audience doesn’t want the evening to end – their music and stories have held us charmed, fascinated and in awe.

Could anyone pick that Vega was big in the 90’s? Nothing she played tonight could be classed as dated. The audience were taken on Some Journey (from her 1985 self titled debut album) of wonderment – we humbly thank you for taking us along with you tonight Suz.
Malene On The Wall
The Fool’s Complaint
Crack In The Wall
Jacob & The Angel
Small Blue Thing
The Queen And The Soldier
Don’t Uncork What You Can’t Contain
Song Of The Stoic
Left Of Centre
Blood Makes Noise
I Never Wear White
Tom’s Diner

In Liverpool
Horizon (There Is A Road)
Some Journey

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  1. AC says:

    Went along to this without any great expectations and was blown away by how good the show was. Both her and Gerry were fantastic.

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